Saturday, April 21, 2007

my friend jessica

when we moved out to ohio this last year, i was a bundle of nerves. i didn't know how fast it would take to find friends and get comfortable. then 3 weeks into our being here, i found jessica. she is in our ward at church, and an amazing friend. she puts up with myself and my boys more than 4 times a week, and is always calling with a new adventure to go be a part of. she has made my stay here turn from nervousness to a blast. i think she has probably done that to quite a few peoples lives. anyways, she is pregnant and having her first little girl in august. her mom and sister came out for the weekend, so we decided it was a great time for a shower. and since i'm still working on my cakes, i made one for the shower along with her presents. the little (and that is no exaggeration) dress that i was making turned out to be too small (i tried putting it on lincoln and it only made it up to his 3rd roll on his arm!), so i quickly made the blanket, and finished up with the sign. they turned out pretty cute. and she liked them, which was the best part of all. i always like making people smile, whether it be my babies, my husband, or my good friends.
this was much harder to do at home than in class. i definitely made some mistakes, but will learn for next time!

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