Thursday, April 12, 2007

the political armpit "hell" of america

So this is where I grew up, in Battle Mountain, NV. I think this sign says a lot. If you get off of the first exit into town (if you are going east on I-80) you will see this sign not more than a mile down the road, just after the town begins...."Hell" it says, because the S in Shell hasn't worked since I was in middle school. Its a tough place to be in the school system. I grew up with parents who were both active teachers, both who were always seen and heard, so I experienced these politics then..and was resentful for so long. Then my oldest brother became the principal of the high school and then of the middle school, and then last night his position was cut because they are "trying to cut money from the budget"..or so says the school board. But, having been in the town for 14 years growing up, I knew it was much more than that. What really happened is that a swaying member of the school board, who use to be the special ed. teacher at the high school, and after my brother became principal of the high school and
tried to improve some teaching techniques (which has always needed it, no one bothered to do it because of who it was), and did not go over well, has since tried everything in his power to get rid of Toby in any way that he could. And so this morning to get some of my frustration out, I wrote a quick little letter to the editor of the Battle Mtn. Bugle, who won't officially ever receive it, but it feels good to get it out somewhere.

Dear Editor,

In an area where life runs along at a relatively slow pace and politics run rampantly high, I was saddened by the fact that Toby Melver's position was cut for this next school year to save a "few" bucks, literally. It's sad when you get administrators who care so much for the kids and their education, who have high expectations for their teachers, and do nothing but good for a town who really needs it, and then gets the blanket pulled out from under their feet by those who are elected to help, not hinder the school system. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get past the politics and grudges and get back to what really matters...our kids, their education, and having administrators who are creative, forthright, level-headed and push education where it needs to go, especially in Battle Mountain. Maybe the change that would help would be to get the same kind of people on the school board.
Sincerely, ME
and so the politics go on. It's too bad they get rid of people who have made a difference. Maybe they fear greatness. Maybe that's what hell is all about!

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