Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two funny things.

Two really funny things happened today.

We found Bookers old sunglasses (they even have the lenses popped out) and I asked him to try them on. He did, and when he did I told him he looked like his dad. And so what did he do? He wore them all morning long! He wouldn't even take them off when we went in the pet store today! He just wants to be like Beej in any way that he can. What a compliment to his daddy!

The second funny thing that happened was at dinner. We got done eating and everyone was thirsty so we had a treat,....pop. And I must say, Beej started this one with his gulping down his rootbeer and then burping as loud as he could. Now, we do know that burping is not socially correct in any situation, however...we decided tonight that there is one great time to have a burping contest...after you drink any kind of carbonated drink..SO WE DID! (not very like us!) and Booker thought this was the greatest thing ever...he would drink just a few sips and then fake burp..and laugh so hard...and we would laugh because he was laughing! And then of course, Mr. Photogenic as of late, asked to get his picture taken with his pop. I'm loving this "picture loving" stage!
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