Thursday, May 24, 2007


Every time we go on a walk, Booker is obsessed with butterflies. He has to ask me at least 1000 times where the butterflies are, especially right after he's seen one. Well, today his butterfly dream came true. We caught a butterfly on a walk and made a little home for it. Booker had to show everyone, including his stuffed animals.."Look animals, do you see Booker's butterfly?"..and of course at lunch time had to make sure the butterfly was being reverent for the prayer..."Mom, do you think the butterfly is folding his arms?" And the best was Booker asking to go to everyone who knows Booker knows that he doesn't ask to go to bed, so I said, "Well, where should we keep the butterfly?"...and he replied, "He can sleep with Booker in his blanket!" How fun it is to have a butterfly as a friend!

See him?!

Look I'm a butterfly too!

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