Tuesday, May 15, 2007

lincolns day at the bunny park.

Lincoln's day at the bunny park was a little different from Booker's. After getting to the bunny park and realizing that the water wasn't for him, Lincoln quickly found his way into my bag and with his infrared sensors found the crackers.



cracker found...

cracker consumed...

now I can go about enjoying the bunny park. (away from the water!)

that is...until the box of crackers becomes too great of an obstacle, and in that case, I will just dump them all out. They are much easier to grab this way!

Do you see how many more I can fit in my mouth?

I'm MUCH happier this way.

And by the way, it took much restraint, and a little reminding from Jessica that I should not get upset, but simply pick up my camera. That made a lot of sense to me. :)

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