Tuesday, May 15, 2007

some fun days!

First, just some silly pictures...Booker got out of the shower in a funny mood yesterday, and was all wrapped up in this towel that is much too small for him...but dang, he is so cute!

And FYI, Lincoln likes popsicles...really messy ones (they all are with him!)...he loves to mix the colors on his face, so he has 12 colors in all..you know they taste much better that way!

Our ward has an awesome little midweek activity committee and so this week we went on a nature walk..on our walk, we went down to a river and played in it. We chased the little fish and the crawdads, and tried to touch them with sticks (or Booker did!) It was such the perfect activity for our 86 degree weather!

So I told all the kids to sit down, so we could take their picture. I have always known Booker is a boy who will take the path less traveled! HaHaHa. And look at that smile...what a boy!

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