Monday, June 25, 2007

booker's train ride.

Booker has worked really hard in the last few weeks to become potty trained..(whew!) to be able to ride his first real train. And we got to do that on Saturday! Grandma and Papa found the perfect train to ride out of North Bend and it went to Snoqualmie Falls and back. We saw all kinds of exotic animals like horses, dogs, even people as we inched along at a pace of at least 4 miles an hour! We waved to all of the cars who had to sit and wait for us to cross every road, but our very favorite was sitting in the first car on the way back and listening to the train whistle over and over (Booker was so excited every time it blew)..(and it blew a lot!) All in all, a great day to celebrate a LONG awaitd accomplishment!

Booker sees the train (do you see the little light?)
He and grandma watch and wait patiently.
I, yes I, get to ride the big choo choo.
Lincoln was really excited too!:)
This is Booker saying "cheese" for the 1000th picture on the train...we had 3 cameras +1 video camera going at the same time...We are nutty!:)

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