Friday, June 15, 2007

hey you, don't hurt my brother!

Today I had a vivid childhood memory replay in my mind. I was about 6 or 7 years old and was playing at the school's playground when a boy my friend and I didn't get along with came over and started bullying us around. He told us he was going to hurt us...and about then my older brother Josh came over to make sure we were okay. I told him what this kid had told us and he got up in his face (mind you, Josh was never a really "big" kid) and this kid stepped back. Josh told him if he ever touched me or my friend or even threatened us again, that he would beat him up. Its funny to think of now...because in that moment I felt so secure and safe. My BIG brother was defending me, and this stinky boy never said another mean thing to me again! Fast forward a few 22 years and we were in the doctor's office today. The boys were getting their shots and Booker wanted to go first. He got his MMR, which isn't the easiest of shots to get, so when he got it, he screamed so hard and loud, but after settling him down, it was then Lincolns turn to get his shots. Booker was in the corner of the room and when he saw the nurse take the needle out he ran to the middle of the room, pointing his finger at her and yelled, "Hey you, don't hurt my brother!" The nurse was a bit taken back, but I wish I could capture Booker's face. It was the exact same look that my brother gave that bully. Booker was really concerned about Lincoln! I love this! I love that even at a young age Booker is defending and protecting Lincoln. I think so many times in my life of the times when someone has defended me, or when I have been protecting of someone many times it has been my family. I don't think there is any other way to be for family or friends. Sometimes we get in situations where we need that protecting, and I hope that Booker and Lincoln can always count on each other, just as I knew and know that I can count on my family. What sweet little boys we have!

Look at that smile! :)

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Landon & Kara said...

That is the cuttest story ever!