Thursday, June 7, 2007

So someone told me that I need to make this blog more than just about my kids, so here is the attempt. I saw this on another bloggers site, and thought I would try it.

Here's the challenge:
Go Google your name and the word needs to find out what's keeping YOU from leading a more fulfilling life.

And here is the result:

#1 Kiki Needs a Chestica Simpson Weave! Apparently this haircut I gave myself wasn't as nice as I had hoped! :)

#2 Kiki needs a friend! Always knew this, however, i am feeling completely content with my life of friends right now...doesn't mean I don't have room for another, just feel really blessed where I am right now.

#3 Kiki needs to put her nervousness aside and look like she's having some fun out there. Hilliard just makes me so nervous though...I thought I was having fun...perhaps I do need to show it more! :)

#4 Kiki needs a dentist. Shoot! I thought all those problems were behind me. And if someone else is telling me this...haha.

#5 Kiki needs her cat's sarcasm to make her way in the busy streets. If anyone knows me, you will for sure know that IF I needed a cat for anything, I would rather be dead.

#6 "Kiki needs the touch of a loving, caring human for a change. She has not been so lucky in her life. The companion she previously had unfortunately partnered with someone who abused Kiki. The person attempted to declaw her themselves and did so much damage to her feet that one of them had to be partially amputated. Luckily, Kiki was found and brought to the vet where her physical injuries have been attended to: her paw, the abrasions all over her face and a canine tooth that was fractured and had to be extracted. She will have a limp, but her physical hurts have healed nicely. With enough love, patience and caring, her emotional pains will also heal. She is already learning to trust. At first she was very frightened and would hiss to protect herself. (Watch out, Jessica, I may be a Canada goose) Now she lets everyone hold and pet her - even strangers! She is a very special Kiki who deserves a safe and loving home. Kiki is about one-year-old( or somewhere close to that!), spayed and current on vaccinations." Can I add anything more! sniff, sniff. Please, be my friend...or my dentist...or perhaps if you are a hairdresser, bring me a Chestica Simpson Weave. :)

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Nate and Jessica said...

I love this. I want to do it on my blog. And by the way, I think your hair looks great. But a weave would be sooo cool...