Thursday, June 21, 2007

thank you

this morning at 2 am as we were finishing our flight into seattle, i was reflecting on my day and was so greatful for a few things:
thank you to the man at the airport who saw we were going to buy some drinks and gave us a money voucher for the airport to use. that made my day! i felt like i didn't have to waste my money on something silly like drinks, so my kids could be happy.

thank you to the cincinnati airport for putting a playground area in your airport. why are these not in every airport around...and not only that, it was clean, and not busy! a much better way to spend an hour waiting for your flight than chasing kids so they don't get hurt on the moving sidewalks!

thank you also to the cincinnati airport for having a train to ride from terminal to terminal. you made my 3 year olds day be so happy. we couldn't stop talking about the "train that went really fast!"

thank you to the woman who put up with us on the long trek across the US in seats that were not designed to have children sleep in them. she was so patient with the 40 minutes of screaming from both boys, as well as the constant wrestling motions that happened at the same time. she was also so sweet and rubbed lincolns back till he fell asleep when i had him in one arm and booker laying across my lap, insisting that my other had rub his belly.

thank you to the other passengers, who walked by at the end and said," you did great, mom" "we've all been there...hope you didn't worry about the screaming"

thank you to my parent who didn't even get to go home for a second, and jumped right in a car to come and get us, and who then woke up at the crack of dawn to go to work again! (who ever said education had great hours, never knew my parents!)

thank you to my sweet boys, who after staying up way too late, were so happy when we got here and chased each other for an hour when we got to the house, giggling and was 4:30 am our normal time!:)

thank you to my boys who fell asleep in lightening quick time, and are still there right now, snoozing away!

i kept thinking about the impact that one person can have on your day, and really the man who gave us that voucher changed my attitude and made me look at all of the great things that happened yesterday....(and this is not to leave out the biggest thank you....)

thank you to my husband who helped pack us and get us ready and who kept the boys happy all day, so we could have a great night!

it's nice to remember the great things that happen to you in one day!

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Jess said...

Oh Kiki, you are always so positive! That's why I love you! O'Hare also had one of those places for kids to play and it was SO NICE. I keep hearing that Gwen Stefani song and thinking of Lincoln. We miss you guys...can't wait to see you again. Have a great time out there!