Monday, June 25, 2007

what do you do at 5:30 am?

Here at the Melver household, many weird things happen at 5:30 am. First of all, little boys feel like they have to wake up and run to "find" everyone! We clean out garages, including hammering, oh and yes, little boys are chased by their mom while they run down the road singing "Kill the Beast" (from Beauty and the Beast)..I guess when little boys watch that movie, their favorite song is different than most people!:)
We also go canoeing in the garage...we saw sea turtles, really is an amazing garage!:)

We take pictures with our lovely aunt who has the craziest tan in the blessing for living in Hawaii.

and we get dressed up and get mad about it! I'm sure dad will be proud of his boy for acting out about it!

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