Monday, July 2, 2007

it's done!

Well, after many long nights and long days of work...the wedding is over!!! And this is not meant to be mean, but YIPPPEEE! It went great! The sealing was beautiful and short, the reception came together really well..a great day! We all woke up the next morning REALLY tired...however, it did not affect the kids, therefore they were right up at 5:30 am once, fun! Here's a few shots from the day!

Not a great shot, but its at least one of our fam!
THE cake! It turned out really cute.

Her flowers were awesome..she did the bouquet cannot really tell with my picture but the rose are cream and orange. She took a class last semester in floral design so she could do her own bouquet!
my beautiful sister, emily...and she made her own dress, as well...she is majoring in sewing.
a shot with all the grandkids....cute!


Landon & Kara said...

Way to go Kiki - that cake is BEAUTIFUL! Great job!

Cara said...

Oh my gosh Kiki, you're like the Mormon Martha Stewart. So talented and creative!

Landon & Kara said...

Kiki - I don't know if you'll get this since you need to update us! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!