Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a little fun

i had just a little time this morning to play while booker was at school and look what fun i had with these new cookie cutters my mom got me. how fun, huh! i think it could make a fun birthday favor...or just a fun little surprise for someone! and i was getting my tip warmed up for my cake decorating class that i am teaching this saturday at super saturday. should be fun!
the gang..how do you like the brown sugar sand?!!
my favorite little creature
i loved the little fish i put on the flag!:)
happy last day of july!
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Landon & Kara said...

I don't think your talents will ever cease to amaze me! Thanks for dinner last night and a fun family night with more than just two people! You guys are so great!

Keri Henenfer said...

You are so creative! It's so fun to see pictures of your kids! They seem to be growing up so fast! I hope you guys are all doing well!

jess said...

Oh my heck I love it! How could someone eat something so cute though?