Friday, August 3, 2007

blackberry pickin'

Wow! Did we have fun today or what?! We went with a bunch of ladies from church to pick blackberries. I was a little skeptical to take the boys, BUT...we had a blast! I have never seen a berry pickin' machine like Booker anywhere before! He picked berries for about 50 minutes straight, and ended up picking about 90% of our berries! Lincoln didn't especially enjoy the heated activity...but Booker loved every minute, and just kept saying, "Mommy, I have sweaty all over!" I felt his pain! :)
Booker's activity of choice
Lincoln's activity of choice

Look at how happy berry pickin' makes me!

And here are our berries! Yummy pies, here we come!

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Heather said...

I cannot believe it! Tanner came last year for strawberry picking and I doubt that a single berry made it into the bucket. They all detoured into his mouth. Impressive Booker.