Monday, August 20, 2007

blueberry ice cream, rides and lots of fun!

Last week, we took our family vacation for the summer...a one day trip to King's Island!..(j/k..that was to poke fun at Beej!) We had such a fun time at the amusement park and observed some very good listen up!:
*Don't take kids under 6 to an amusement park, where you really have to stay to get your money's worth, and you have to wait in long lines for really silly rides! Booker insisted we try our the Helicopter ride, so we waited very patiently in line for 40 minutes for our 4 minutes of fun!:) The boys did so good!
*Blueberry ice cream really is as good as everyone told us! Perfect for a hot day!
*Booker is really funny to watch as he rides different rides. The best was his bumper car ride. He was all excited to get on, and then sat and didn't touch the wheel. Within the first 10 seconds he was whip lashed so hard he didn't know what to think. For those who know him, he was doing his little "mammy" face and twiddling his fingers...very fun to see...all the parents were trying to get him to turn his wheel, but he just sat there! fun, fun!:)
*Lincoln wished he was 36"or even 30" so he could at least touch the board and think about riding some of the rides! He sat outside the gates and just grunted and pointed to the rides!
*Beej went on a crazy fun roller coaster.."The Beast" and had a great time! His favorite part was reaching the top of the roller coaster, and looking down, but couldn't see the bottom (it was an inverted turn that went into a tunnel!)
*We really did have a great time, even in the car..the boys were happy..90% of the time...just nice to spend some great time together as a family.
YUM,YUM, Blueberry ice cream!

Look at the size of that cone...and he ate every last bit of it!

Fun carousel ride...Booker insisted on THIS zebra...and we heard the "sip, sip"(zebra noise) quite often on this ride! Lincoln also has quite the horse sound down as well!

GO, DIEGO,GO! booker was in heaven, need i say more!

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Nate and Jessica said...

I am really wanting some of that ice cream. Surprise surprise.