Thursday, August 16, 2007

comforts of home

Last night, actually 3 this morning we woke up to the most unbelieveable storm you could ever imagine! It was raining like crazy, but the amazing part was the lightening and thunder! I have never seen a storm quite like this, as you can tell in the first picture this was the sky when there were no strikes, and the one on the bottom when one was going off..and i can't even tell you how many strikes there were! This morning on the radio I heard the winds were blowing this storm through at 50 mph, and that we would've had a much worse storm but the winds blew it by so quickly that it didn't have time to sit and brew. And who is this lovely person in the pics? You guessed it, Booker himself! He woke up shaking from being so scared by the loud thunder, so he came in and watched the storm with us for 1/2 an hour. It was so cute, he just kept saying, "Mommy, Booker got really scared by the funder(thunder) and yightning, so I came in to be with mommy and daddy." He said it over and over...he must've been quite shaken! I so remember being young when we would have big storms and hiding in my parents room, because I thought it was the safest place in the world. There is some kind of safety your parents can make you feel, and I love that we can give that to Booker. I also told BJ that everyone else couldn't enjoy what we do because they had their windows shut and A/C on, so they couldn't enjoy the full impact! Oh the blessings of having el-natural A/C. Thank goodness for 3am storms!
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Nate and Jessica said...

So cute! Jansen slept right through it thankfully, but I have to admit I would like him to come sleep in our bed and cuddle with me just once before he's 12...