Wednesday, August 29, 2007

double dare.

Do you remember the Nickelodeon game "Double Dare"? Well, we had some friends put on a game day where we played it and had a blast! Some MAJOR creativity went into putting this game together..and the questions had to be just right...hard enough that we would choose the physical challenges..but a couple we could answer so that we didn't feel so bad about ourselves. The result was tons of fun doing something, at least we, don't normally do on a Saturday afternoon!

The Players

The Games

#1: partner A lays on the ground with an Alka-Seltzer tablet on their chin while partner B spits water from a straw on to it to try to get it to fizz away first!(never knew Alka-Seltzer tasted so bad!)

#2-Polar Dip..Each person on the team had to put their foot in a cooler filled with water and ice and try to get as many clear marble out with their foot as they could.(you never knew if you were getting ice or marbles!)

#3- Whiteheads-(The most disgusting)- Partner A rubs peanut butter all over face (and head for Beej) :) and Partner B stands behind a line throwing mini marshmallows trying to get them to stick on their face.

With his slight advantage of a few more square inches to cover..haha...BJ was the clear winner on this one!

#4- Partner A slurps up Speghettio's with mouth and spits them out on a cookie sheet, while Partner B makes words out of the letters.

#5-The Egg Toss- Partner A stands with a paper cylinder on their head, while partner B throws raw eggs trying to get them in their cylinder, which in turn cracks the egg all over their head.

The result: :)


Thanks Heather, Noelle, Rick and Phil for a great afternoon!(one that will not be forgotten soon!)

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Noelle said...

Excellent blog Kiki! That was a lot of fun, I'll never doubt your throwing skills--you were a wiz at that egg toss!