Friday, August 3, 2007

fun in the heat!

So these last few days have been killer...especially with a broken A/C. The last 3 days have been in the 90's with about 90% humidity as well...that equals out to 4 hot and sweaty people in one household! Not a pretty sight! :(
However, the boys make the best of it, and today made themselves a new swimming pool..a bucket! Booker spent quite a while filling it up with a small bucket and the fruits of his labor paid off!
Wrestling in the bucket!

We love to play in our bucket..are they just the sweetest faces you've ever seen!

A little splashing is always fun too!

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jess said...

That is a fabulous idea...we will be trying that. And can I hire Booker for the next berry outing?

Heather said...

Love how you have a real pool, but the homemade one next to it has so much more allure. Wish there were a big enough bucket for me. Our AC broke one summer while we were in the condos too. Good luck.