Thursday, August 2, 2007

the horsie races

A few nights ago, we went with BJ's work to the horse races, and suprisingly had a really great time! The boys loved it! There were horses galore (of course). They loved cheering really loud when the crowd got louder at each of the races. Booker's favorite part was the "airplane car" that started each of the races...he asked where it was as soon as it left the track everytime! Lincoln's favorite part were the french fries. BJ's favorite thing was watching Booker be entertained for longer than 5 minutes. And my favorite part, you ask? Well there was a horse called Keke's Magic! And it came back in the race to take 2nd place..and many of BJ's co-workers bet on it, so they were yelling, "Go, Keke, go" was a great moment to hear people chant my name..even if it was for a silly horse! :) I think we will try this again when we are here...what fun!

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