Thursday, August 9, 2007

i know i'm early

i know i am a bit early with this whole halloween thing...but i am usually very late, so i overcompensated this year! BUT how cute is he?!!!! lincolns outfit came today, bookers will come soon, but poor booker was so jealous of lincoln today!!!!! he kept asking if the "man" was bringing his costume today cute! if nothing else, maybe this will excite you for the funnest holiday ever in 2 months! :)

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Julie T said...

Hi Kiki! I'm Heather W's mom, Julie, who met you last time I was out. Your blog was listed on Heather's favorites, so I clicked on it not knowing if I was barred or not. Anyway, I love your posts and especially want to comment on the cutest Halloween costume I have ever seen!!! You're doing a marvellous job- keep up the good work!!!