Monday, August 27, 2007

Music Video Monday

Miranda Lambert,"Famous in a Small Town"

I think most people know this, but I grew up in a very small town. Small as in 3000 people small. Small as in 86 people in your graduating class small. Small as in you held a boys hand, and your parents heard it from 30 people before you had time to be excited about it small. It was classic small. In some ways. So to celebrate this week's #1 video on CMT, I will give 5 great or not so great reasons to live in a small town.

#5 You don't need caller ID. I had never heard of it until I left Battle Mountain. There were so few people, that when you got a call, you knew exactly who it was when you heard their voice.

#4 Your degree of wealth is measured by your mobile home size. (single wide, double wide, triple wide-high roller!)

#3 Since everyone knows everyone's business, it's easy to steer clear of trouble makers.

#2 There's no home town pride like there's home town pride in a small town.

#1 Only a small town would be proud to put it's initials "BM" on its hillside.:)

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