Friday, September 28, 2007

a fun project.

While at my mom's house, we went shopping (of course!) and I found a really cute present idea. Here it is. So our cousins moved into town and their little girl had her 3rd birthday, so I thought it was the best time to try this one out. How many people do this?...See something they like and then try to reproduce it in some way...this is how I get so much inspiration for so many things. I always have the thought in my head when I go shopping "If it's cute, I'm sure I can make it, or figure it out!" I love that I grew up like this...Yes, it is always EASIER if you buy..but how fun to figure something out! So this is what I came up with...

a cute little "purse" holder for some fun cookie cutters"..

happy creating to you!
and my model. he threw tantrums when he had to take it off!
she's into pirates right now. :) love this.
the whole present...cookie cutters and apron.
the inside.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

pirate play day

Today for play group we had a pirate adventure! Pirates came and left a bag of goodies for the kids on the front door, including a map to the treasure, eye patches and instructions. The kids all had fun looking for the clues and eventually finding the treasure. I loved their faces when I told them the pirates came and left them something. They all stood and screamed and jumped up and down. Booker loves his play group buddies and had a great time being pirates with them today!

The group

Lincoln got an eye patch too (didn't last too long!)

Bookers picture of a pirate...I drew it step by step on my paper, then he copied...I thought it turned out pretty great!:)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the many faces of booker

Oh, how pictures tell a thousand words! And what do they say?

Booker is...
A Fighter
100% Fun.

I've always loved how pictures can tell stories..and here they show 10 of the many facets of my little boys personality! What a funny boy...who I love to pieces!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

the whip cream ballet

Our ward had a very fun variety show tonight, and the Relief Society Presidency wanted to participate and "decided":) to do a whip cream ballet. What is a whip cream ballet exactly? Well, we act like we are ballerinas for a brief moment, and then......

Shake, Shake, Shake(In time to the music of course!)...
and splat on the face of the person next to you.

then dance a little more, and spray whip cream in a pie tin while Ellie dances,

then finish with a creaming of a lifetime. NICE!

The whip cream ballerinas..kiki, ellie, heather and betty jo.:)
I've never seen anything like this..and I am sure the ward hadn't either!:)
you'd be amazed at all the hidden talents i have!:)
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did you know....

Introducing: The Snake family

Did you know that these LOOK like ordinary snakes, but actually represent a big milestone in our house?? What milestone you might ask? Since Booker could talk, we have been trying to get him to use that incredible amount of creativity to come up with fake names for things. For instance, his favorite toy use to be a stuffed horse..he would play, sleep, eat, wrestle, etc. with this horse, so we thought he deserved a name. When we asked Booker what his name was, he simply said, "It's horse!" We tried to explain that you could give it a name..any name he wanted, but it was still "horse". And so it has been with every other animal, person, car, any toy he has! UNTIL TODAY! We were playing animals on the floor and he asked where his mama snake was, and acting confused I asked, "Well, what is her name, maybe I can find her?" "Bo-Dash!", he exclaimed! I then asked what the daddy snake was named. "Gonch!", he said. "Do they have a baby", I asked. "Poacher is the baby, mom", he said. Wow, I feel like I hit the jackpot!:) Interesting names, I might add..and where on earth has he ever heard the word poacher? Crazy creative Booker!

Daddy Snake: Gonch

Baby snake: Poacher

Mama snake: Bo-Dash

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

our seattle trip

Last week the boys and I got to go to Seattle thanks to Southwest's $30 fares. We had a great time..and had lots of time to take pictures and to play.
The boys would not sit for long periods of time. We played at parks and in Grandma and Papa's backyard(the golf course):),and had a great time.
We went on slides,
explored the unknown, became tree huggers,
tried to wear BIG cowboy hats,

and looked cute.
Took horsie rides,
started an official "Happy Cake Day",
ate more sugar than a little body can hold,

or TRIED to eat as much sugar as the body could hold.

Nevermind, who am I kidding, we ate a lot of sugar!

and when we were all done, all little boys have to crash in bed...

with their cowboy hats on.

It was a great trip!

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Thanks Papa and Grandma for the great trip to your house! We loved to wake up to you every morning and go to sleep every night late after watching a movie with you! Thanks for the long golf ball hunting trips, the coloring expeditions, the small town football game, our happy cake day, and for all the hugs and kisses! We love you! Can't wait to see you again! Love, Booker and Lincoln
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Music Video Wednesday (yikes, it's becoming a habit!)

Christopher Cross, "Sailing"

Starship, "We Built This City"

This will take you back to the 80's. I heard Christopher Cross in the store today and knew it's one that I wanted on here this week. Hearing these songs take me back to the long trek we took as a family over and over again from Nevada to Washington (In one day). I remember hearing these songs as we were on lonely roads in the desert. It's funny how songs take me right back to places I remember. "We Built This City" was a favorite of my siblings and I. We would just sing and sing this song, again on road trips..and my oldest brother would do the talking part! As little kids I remember being so amazed that he could do this part all from memory!:) Happy Memories!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

music video monday (on wednesday)

Alan Jackson "Where Were You"

Since this week was September 11th, I thought I'd do a little remembering to 6 years ago and the moments, I don't think many will ever forget.

I was teaching at the MTC and had just walked in about 6:30a.m. when some friends asked if I had seen the news yet, and I said "no". They told me and I was shocked and dumbfounded. I couldn't believe this was all happening. We had a short teacher's meeting that morning and talked about how to help the missionaries deal with it all..and crazy enough, I was just on the end of teaching my first district. Half of my district had left that morning early. And where you might ask? You guessed it...they were called to serve in New York City. The remaining missionaries I had were to go to Washington D.C. We had an incredible discussion that morning about the opportunities that they would have in teaching people who had many questions about what had happened and the role that God played in it all.

I can also still remember the incredible amount of pride I had in being an American the next few weeks as everything unfolded. I remember driving down the road filled with American flags at every home on the street. I remember hearing President Bush talking about prayer and pleading for everyone to pray. I remember wishing that it didn't have to take such extreme circumstances to remember how grateful I was for the land that I lived in the blessings that it afforded me. I remember coming home and watching for hours the coverage they had on the attacks. And every September 11th from then until I am gone, I will think about what happened, where I was, what has changed since then, all of the many lives that this tragedy affected and how not to take my freedoms that I have for granted. I cannot be grateful enough to live here in our country, for the men and women who have given their lives, and who still do risk their lives for my freedoms, and am grateful that I have reminders of just how lucky I am.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

being a mom

Do you ever have those days when while going through them, you don't think you can ever make it through to the end? Do you ever have those days when despite all best answers and tricks, you cannot get your kids to stop that constant, "AHHHHH" sound? Do you ever feel like you wish there was a "right answer" to know how to raise your child the best way? Do you ever have those days that you dread to hear the words from your spouse,"Sorry, I have to stay later. I'll be home late." I am often disappointed at my constant efforts to be a more patient, loving, and understanding wife and mother. Today, though, as I was having a harder afternoon, I just looked down at my boys and couldn't be more grateful to have them in my life. They can be such great company to have around. They find joy in the smallest of things..a popsicle on a hot day, an ant that is eating a crumb on the ground, but even better..I love hearing their giggles as they chase each other around the house. Booker's prayers lately have been some of the happiest moments I've had.."thank you for ALL my blessings, thank you for grandma and papa in Washington, thank you for grandma and papa coming to see me, thank you for the pizza from the store!...and the cutest...(in the midst of all his thank you's)..."thank you for sompthsing!" I think I need to say thank you prayers more in the remind me of the great things I have around me and to get me out of the "mommy blues". There is nothing that makes me feel better than to remember the great life that I have.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

end of summer swimming

Since the pool at our clubhouse is closing in a few days, we took one last nice dip last night as a family. We found some really fun fish toys on crazy clearance and surprised the boys with them.
This summer has been so fun to have the pool right here. It has made all the difference for us on a hot day! And the boys just LOVE swimming! Booker learned to swim with his floaties other than not having a firm sense of his abilities..he is a swimmer! Of course we will be right there with him until he understands what he can and can't do, but we are so proud of him. I have tried time and time again to post videos (we took one of him swimming), but it won't work for until then, enjoy the pics.
Proof that he swims...thats him underwater!

Bookers Manta Ray...This thing is dives and comes back up and dives again, over and fun!

Lincoln's fish..this one starts swimming when you put it in water...last night when we were coming home, Lincoln was holding it and some water started coming out of it, so the fish started flopping. Lincoln was giggling so hard! So cute! and check out that tummy..think he drank enough pool water! YUCK!

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