Saturday, September 22, 2007

did you know....

Introducing: The Snake family

Did you know that these LOOK like ordinary snakes, but actually represent a big milestone in our house?? What milestone you might ask? Since Booker could talk, we have been trying to get him to use that incredible amount of creativity to come up with fake names for things. For instance, his favorite toy use to be a stuffed horse..he would play, sleep, eat, wrestle, etc. with this horse, so we thought he deserved a name. When we asked Booker what his name was, he simply said, "It's horse!" We tried to explain that you could give it a name..any name he wanted, but it was still "horse". And so it has been with every other animal, person, car, any toy he has! UNTIL TODAY! We were playing animals on the floor and he asked where his mama snake was, and acting confused I asked, "Well, what is her name, maybe I can find her?" "Bo-Dash!", he exclaimed! I then asked what the daddy snake was named. "Gonch!", he said. "Do they have a baby", I asked. "Poacher is the baby, mom", he said. Wow, I feel like I hit the jackpot!:) Interesting names, I might add..and where on earth has he ever heard the word poacher? Crazy creative Booker!

Daddy Snake: Gonch

Baby snake: Poacher

Mama snake: Bo-Dash

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