Saturday, October 27, 2007


A few weeks ago, BJ's mom and dad came to visit and we had so much fun together! BJ and Tod put in new lights in both Booker and Lincolns rooms (the house didn't come with lights in their rooms! weird, i know!) and...i think they would pretty much call themselves professionals now!..JOKING..considering at one point they flipped the switch in bookers room and the bathroom light went on instead..interesting!:)thank goodness it isn't their day job..but we were impressed by their problem solving skills...and booker couldn't be happier to have a light in his room..many nights we wake up to see his light on (since he is afraid of the dark)..he has prayed many of times since grandma and papa left how greatful he is for his new light! We also had a lot of time to just was so nice!

We took lots of pictures...

Played some great "boy" games..

scooped out pumpkin seeds and carved our pumpkins..

showed off our halloween costumes and had some great laughs!

but mostly had a great week with our grandma and papa...

Thanks for coming grandma and papa...we can't wait to see you again!

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