Saturday, October 27, 2007

for my non-video saturday night!

disclaimer: the following post is all related to the song I just added to my music player..over in the pink box..check it out and listen!:) (there is no video for this version!)
I heard the song "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" awhile ago, but just recently heard this version and couldn't get it out of my head! I thought I'd make it more accesible!:)
No, really this song just reminds me what great friends I have been blessed with in my life! I have friends that I talk to everyday, some once a week, and others every 6 months or so, but everytime we talk we pick up like we had just seen each other! I have friends that I can also call my husband, my sister,my brother, my mother, my father, my get the picture.. who have been the best things that have happened in my life, who have shown me what faithful, supportive, loving friends are.
I just couldn't imagine making it through life without my friends. So thank you friends who call me at just the right moment so my day doesn't seem as long..thank you friends who help me to look at my life and laugh and remember that I really am blessed..thank you friends who have helped me love my life here in Ohio more than I could ever imagine..and to each of you who have helped me love different points in my life even better! I feel like the luckiest person alive to have so many fun, supportive, loyal..and did I say fun friends! I love you all!:)

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Landon & Kara said...

Oh Kiki, you are so great! We need to hang out again - I'm so jealous your boys have lights in there rooms, I swear we have seventeen lamps in our bedroom and it's still not bright enough!