Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween to you and yours!

a fun link to play for you or your me.

love, homer, marge, stinky skunk, peacock, pirate, snow white pirate, superman 1,superman 2, bat 1, and bat 2

a few of our favorite shots from the season!

Happy trick or treating tonight!:0)


Noelle said...

I LOVE the peacock costume--I've never seen one like it. I'm glad your kids love dressing up so much, they're going to have a lot of fun with that even as they get older. :) Trust me.

Amanda said...

kiki, i love the pictures... tate had so much fun at his scary party. you are so fun and creative.

Heather said...

Those costumes are amazing. As are you all. See you soon!

Landon & Kara said...

Oh, we were so happy to see such cute trick or treaters!

Cara said...

snow white??? hahahaha... Your boys are such sports about wearing girly things for you, Kiki. I think the Comin family is ready for a girl next, what do you think?