Saturday, October 20, 2007

santa presents!

Beej came home from a quick trip to Utah the other day and when he was talking to Booker on the phone, mentioned that Uncle Drew, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Emily sent presents for him, Booker was beside himself with excitement. As soon as Beej got in the car at the airport, Booker was hounding him about his presents, but waited PATIENTLY :) until we got home. When BJ opened his suitcase, Booker said, "Hey guys, It's Santa presents time!" And did Santa bring a lot of gifts!:)

Licoln with his glow sticks..loved them!
Booker and his glow sticks..we weren't allowed to turn the light back on after we turned it off...and he took them to his room to sleep with them..threw a tantrum when we took them away, and wouldn't go to sleep until we put them up on his door so he could see them!:)

ARRRRRGH! Booker's "monster scary" rings!

Thanks Emi and Kevin!

Booker and one of his new books...HE LOVES THEM!

Lincoln claimed the sidewalk chalk as his own..he carried this large box of them around the rest of the night!
Booker getting scared from the eagle....
and the snake!
Thanks Drew for those sweet gifts..we had the best time videoing Lincoln seeing this book for the first time..and was so scared by the animals popping out at him! It was so cute and amusing! We always love when Santa visits in October!

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