Monday, October 15, 2007

there is something...

There is something about these pictures that make me so happy to be a mom. We have had such a great week that I feel overwhelmed with everything I need to blog about, so instead, while I was looking through some of the shots we took, and remembering funny moments from this last week, I decided to do a blog on little moments that are making me happy lately!
Booker has had numerous funny sayings this week that just make me shake my head and laugh:
While I was showering one day, I heard him come in the bathroom, so I poked my head out and asked if he needed to go to the bathroom? "No", he answered,(while sitting on the toilet),"I just need a little break right now, mom!" (I must say that too often!)
While shopping for new shoes this week, he got really fixated on one pair of shoes. They were super cute, however, wouldn't have been my first choice of color because they wouldn't go with everything. Anytime I put any other shoe close to him he would quickly say,"No, mom, those are baby Lincoln shoes..they are for babies." I finally got him to try on another pair, and he quickly said, "I don't like these, they won't help me run fast!" I have a hard time believing that..and since when does a 3 year old say that!
When Beej was counting in sacrament meeting yesterday at church, Lincoln all of a sudden started screaming, so I ended up having to take both boys out in the hall for a minute. When I finally got Lincoln settled down, Booker asked why we were in the hall. "Lincoln was being too loud", I said. "No, mom, we all just needed a break for a minute, didn't we", he answered. What is it with the word 'breaks'!
"Mom, I just love all the coloring and beautiful blue you did", he says as he enters his newly painted room every day.
This afternoon, I had put both boys down and went downstairs to work on some projects and as soon as I sat down, I heard jumping. About 15 minutes later I heard Booker open his door and come out, and about 3 minutes later he was walking through my door with an excited look on his face and his arms outstretched,"Mom, I woke up and it was light time..Ohhh, Good morning, mom! My nap was so great!" I reminded him he hadn't slept and he said, "Yeah, mom, it was light time! I am so happy!" SO much for answering the question! Too cute!(sometimes!)haha
I am loving this new ritual he does every night when I put Lincoln to bed. He follows me up and when I lay Lincoln in bed he stands by his crib and sings either "I Am a Child of God" or "I Love To See the Temple". It is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.
And lastly, tonight about 30 minutes after putting them to bed I stood in the hallway listening to Booker whisper," Hey mom, are you there?" and at the same time, hearing Lincoln practicing saying, "I love you", which sounds like "I luhluh loooo" of the sweetest things you've ever heard!
There is not one single thing that I can think of that is as rewarding as being a mother. Watching the boys grow makes me appreciate the blessings of my life so much more. It makes me appreciate my parents and their struggles that they must have had..(I think all parents have them..all unique to themselves!) It makes me appreciate my in-laws and all they have done, and do as parents..I guess what I am trying to say is that being a parent brings a perspective that is sort of "a full circle moment"(as Oprah would say!):) There are some moments in the thick of things that I can take a step back and appreciate the sweat and tears that got me to where I am right now and can see in my parents and in-laws that that great work of parenting is never quite done, but look up to them so much, because you can see so much wisdom and strength that has come through years of patient persistance and work. I feel so blessed in my life!
How could you not seeing this sweet face!

Or sweet moments like this.

Or sweet looks like this.

Or having fun times like these.

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Emily said...

Kiki you are one amazing person. I have a lot to learn from you.