Friday, November 9, 2007

Lincoln's update!

And of course we also have to have a Lincoln update as well! Here are Lincoln's favorite things to do:

*He loves to follow his big brother around and jump with him on the bed. We put this video on for them, and they will jump on our bed for 1/2 hour if we keep replaying it...

They are so contagious with their laughter..Beej and I can't help but jump along with them!

*He loves to sing the song Nephi's courage and does the cutest actions with them..he flexes his muscles on "Nephi was couragous and this was his reply", pumps his fist on "I will go, I will do" and moves his head back and forth for the rest of the verse! cute!

*His favorite movie is any Go, Diego,Go and loves to clap and do the animal sounds with his friend, favorite sound he does is the wolf...he purses his lips into a perfect little circle and howls...but his voice breaks like he is in puberty at least 3 times while making the stinkin darling!

*He is in love with his daddy! As soon as we turn the corner at BJ's school to pick him up, Lincoln grins and says "Dadda, Dadda, Dadda" and kicks his legs so fast like he is warming up for a good chasing when he gets home!"

*By far, his favorite food is pizza...he loves to take the pizza and put his hand over it and say "haaaaa" for hot (even if it isn't) then picks it up and proceeds to eat every bit of cheese off of the piece first, then starts from the middle of the piece and eats out...a very messy process, but one he enjoys thoroughly!:)

*And of course he is also just a little ball of energy, hugs, kisses (that have to be on the lips or he will kiss you until it is on the lips), smiles and stubborness. Just what I expect from my little sweet boy!

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Heather said...

Tanner did that same thing about kissing on the lips until he was about two years old. Now he just goes for the cheek, and eskimo, or butterfly kiss.

Nate and Jessica said...

I tagged you. Go see my blog. This is such a cute post by the way.