Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay, so because Jessica tagged me, you may now know any weird or slightly annoying fact about me!

The rules:

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I grew most of my growing up life in a tiny town called Battle Mountain, NV. This is the town at night:

Did you see that sign...hell? Some people thought/think this is true. I really loved it growing up and knew nothing different until I left..and then my eyes were opened!:) The hardest thing growing up in a small town is just is small. Small enough that in one year, I had my mom 3 classes a day, and my dad 1 time..and then my dad coached my basketball team that night! I guess I was lucky to have a majority of good teachers..haha! The town was small enough that a boy asked me out in 8th grade...I said "yes" then recounted that answer by the end of the day because my parents had already heard...and I didn't want to hear their wrath that night! nice! Luckily the boy was one of my best friends all through high school, so I lucked out! Battle Mountain, and I still do think this, has a beauty all of its own. Aside from being named "The Armpit of America" or having the letters BM plastered on its mountainside for all to see, I can still remember the smell of yummy sagebrush, the beautiful purple mountains at night and many a days running out in the desert and just being thankful for all of the beauty around me.

Downtown Battle Mountain (if you take a really close look you can see the blinking red light...the only big 4 way stop in town..not even big enough for a stop light!)

There really is a big BM on the mountain, nice, huh!

This is the pretty I am talking about!

I think a small town was also small enough to really afford me a lot of opportunities to do a lot of activities..and this is no joke...which leads me into #2

2. Just so you can get a little glimpse of my childhood..which was amazing..I took part in and participated in:

*fitness team (3rd-5th graders who had all kinds of fitness challenges and competed against other towns)

*gymnastics...don't laugh..well. only a little!

*jump roping team...we performed at high school basketball half times

*basketball (3rd-12th grade!)
*soccer (1st-5th grade)
*track (6th-12th grades)
*volleyball (8th-12th grades)
*softball (kindergarten-10th grade)
*golf (only 9th grade)
*drill team (6th-8th, 11th-12th grade) okay, now you can laugh!:)
and these were just the teams...and what makes this list amazing to parents started up every youth program in the town, coached them, and then put events on in the city as well..ex..turkey trot (thanksgiving day race), 4th of july swim meets, etc...and here is one more interesting fact about parents made sure one or both of them were at EVERY SINGLE game of every one of us 5 kids games/meets/performances..the only reason only one of them was there, was because one kid was at a game 3 hours one way, and the other was 3 hours the opposite they split up! I was always so greatful they were there!..a lot of times being the ONLY parent there at all! I feel really blessed to have the parents I do. They always created a lot of opportunities for everyone around them, not only their children!

#3 I have lived in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Georgia, Utah, Alberta, Canada, and now Ohio...and have found awesome things about each of these places..each one has made me a little more the person who I want to be!

#4 When I was 6 or 7, my best friend and I came up with a list of things I wanted to do when I got older..and this is no list was:
*to never drink (check!) (a hard one coming from my town)
*to play college sports (check, check)
*to go on a misison (check!)
*to get married when I was 23 (whoops!)
*to marry a lawyer (i just wanted to be rich..and my friend said lawyers were rich..little did they know!haha)
*to not be a teacher (my parents were both teachers..i hated the politics)
some things were VERY important then ;)...and all came to be, some by accident except I was married 34 days after my 24th birthday!:) Weird looking back why I put an age on getting married!:)

#5 I have had kidney stones 4 times in my life..OWWW! just to think about it makes me cringe! Doctors always told me that the pain of having babies would be no problem for me because of the kidney stones experiences..however...I must've had male doctors who had never been through labor before....both are awful.....both hurt......the only great thing about child birth is you get to hold your sweet baby after it...with kidney stones, you get nothing!:)

#6 I have had illustrations/technical drawings published in 2 books...BJ's uncle writes books and asked me to do them for it was for family, takes some people forever to get published the first time, so I feel really lucky and blessed. Hopefully one day soon, I will have my own children's book I have written and illustrated out on that would be a dream come true!:)

I think the only ones left on my list to tag are Anne and Keri..Tag, you're it!


Cara said...

I loved the hometown pics. Must be nice to have everything checked off your list of goals in life...I guess you'll have to write some more. And let me know when you publish your children's book--I'll for sure buy it!

Anonymous said...

Alas, The blinking light in Battle Mountain is gone. Woke up one morning looked out the window and noticed something wrong with the intersection, took me a week to notice the blinking lights were gone. Still no traffic signal...