Friday, November 9, 2007

what booker's been up to...

Booker has been having a fabulous month. He has kept himself very busy and keeping me just as busy (which shouldn't surprise anyone!) I thought I'd update everyone on Booker's latest you all feel Booker connected!

*He loved Halloween and especially loves looking at the large bowl of candy in the kitchen. His famous line lately has been, "Mom, I am soooooooo hungry. I need some candy." you ever have those moments that you think...'do they really think I am buying this?'..or I imagine things that I said to my parents growing up..thinking I could "trick" it!

*Every time he gets in the car from being at school...if I don't ask him how his day at school was right away, he says, "Mom, ask me how my day at school was, sweetie!"...and so I do, and he tells me he worked really hard and is ready for a sandwich. He got in the car the other day and I asked what a drew a picture of.."South America", he said nonchalantly! Love him!...and just this morning we were looking though a toy magazine and he saw a globe and pointed to a continent and said, "Dad, look, that's South America..and there is North America...etc..." He is loving school and so are we!:)

*He LOVES to play hide and seek. The other day he was playing with Beej, and he was suppose to I watched him and this is what he did:

I love the logic that if your face is hidden, no one can see you...I wish that's how it worked sometimes in life!:)

*This morning while playing hide and seek, it was Bookers turn to count and he said, "1,2,3,4,5,6,8..("seven", I said to him)..7,12, 5, 4,3,2,1, ready or not, you will be catch!" BJ and I died laughing so hard for a few minutes.

*Anytime we sing a verse of a song with the word "boat" in it, booker thinks we are talking about Noah's ark...and always adds the words..."and put the animals in it" into the verse, so while we are singing Nephi's Courage it goes a little something like..The Lord commanded Nephi to go and build a boat (and put the animals in it) you can makes it a little awkward, but completely cute!

*And of course, he is still running, imagining, creating, playing and laughing just like he has his whole life! He sure adds a lot of life to my life and I will always love him for it!:)

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Brandon & Sara said...

You have such sweet boys! Isn't it funny how kids will just close their eyes like no one can see them. So cute. And I remember trying to out smart my parents. As a kid you really think you know it all. It sure is fun to see what they come up with.

Heather said...

We just love "Cooker" as Sienna calls him, what a wonderful kid!