Thursday, December 6, 2007

cold hands...

I know when my boys wake up at 5 am, 2 days in a row that they are really excited about something...and this is what it is:
Booker bopped around all morning (from 5-6 am) singing about the snow, making up stories about the snow..and coming in for the next hour begging to go out and play in it!..and throughout the day yesterday, came in and out happy as a clam, with freezing cheeks, a running nose, but the biggest smile you've ever seen. I think we have a snow bunny on our hands!

Lincoln braved the cold for 20 minutes at a time.....

Booker braved it for MUCH longer..can you tell by his cheeks!

While serving a mission in Canada we had a man in one of our wards who whenever he would see us come out of the cold he would say, "cold hands..." and we would say "warm hearts" (barf)...because that's what he was expecting us to, i may even make that cheesier and barfier (nice word, huh!) by saying..cold hands, huge smile! happy snow!
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Noelle said...

How fun that your boys love the snow so much! Is Booker wearing striped toe socks on his hands in that first picture?

Nate and Jessica said...

That's so fun. I am such a hermit lately...I don't think Jansen has even touched the snow. See you tonight!