Tuesday, December 4, 2007

interesting nite

The other night, I decided to get some tickets to a live nativity reenactment that was playing fairly close to us....and we had mixed reviews. BJ hated every second of it...horrible acting (what was he expecting!):), cheesy lines, questionable story line..(they added a little to some parts)..and I thought it was just a nice way to kick off the holiday season, so that we remembered what it was all about. I agreed that it was a little over done, but thought that they did a great job with costuming minus the angel that was a crossdresser who was singing at the nativity...(that was a bit interesting). Booker and Lincoln loved the donkey, despite the 20 degree weather we braved for a good 20 minutes while watching Mary and Joseph make their trek to Bethlehem. I think all of us were a bit disturbed by the angel who appeared to the shepherds:

Okay, so maybe the whole thing was a little hokey, maybe I am a bit sentimental...I just love doing "Christmassy" things anywhere, especially when I am with my family!

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Sam Woods said...

haha!!! sorry we missed it. :)