Saturday, April 28, 2007

my cowboys

mmmmm, i love to take pictures of the boys. i especially enjoy it when they are in funny moods and they give me great photos. lincoln's latest obsession is riding the horse at meijer's after each shopping trip. he loves it so much, we pulled out our horse today to see if he would like this , and it was love at first sight. he even screamed when booker got on. what a character! if you want to see more photos from today, click on the slide show down on the right!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

cute faces and lifesavers.

who could ever resist this cute face! we think he looks a lot like his cute cousin sam!

and what mom would ever think that an old paint brush and some water could keep a little boy busy for so long! talk about a lifesaver! :)
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my final cake

My last cake class was the other night, and this was my final cake. It turned out pretty cute, I thought. BJ hated the brown on it, but I thought it was pretty fun...then again, I LOVE BROWN! I am so glad I got to take the class. It will be so much fun to keep playing with this stuff and trying to come up with lots of new ideas....and can't wait to do Emily's wedding cakes (the whole idea to me taking the classes in the first place). Fun, fun! :)
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getting a pump!

Yesterday, while I was playing volleyball, all of the boys were playing outside. Booker learned how to really ride his trike, so he rode it for awhile, then Lincoln played on the back for awhile, but then (and this is so cute), Booker took Lincoln for a ride, and Lincoln just sat on the back of the trike, crouching, and holding on. How sweet is that. It's been such nice weather here we have to take advantage of it! Happy Spring!
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

my friend jessica

when we moved out to ohio this last year, i was a bundle of nerves. i didn't know how fast it would take to find friends and get comfortable. then 3 weeks into our being here, i found jessica. she is in our ward at church, and an amazing friend. she puts up with myself and my boys more than 4 times a week, and is always calling with a new adventure to go be a part of. she has made my stay here turn from nervousness to a blast. i think she has probably done that to quite a few peoples lives. anyways, she is pregnant and having her first little girl in august. her mom and sister came out for the weekend, so we decided it was a great time for a shower. and since i'm still working on my cakes, i made one for the shower along with her presents. the little (and that is no exaggeration) dress that i was making turned out to be too small (i tried putting it on lincoln and it only made it up to his 3rd roll on his arm!), so i quickly made the blanket, and finished up with the sign. they turned out pretty cute. and she liked them, which was the best part of all. i always like making people smile, whether it be my babies, my husband, or my good friends.
this was much harder to do at home than in class. i definitely made some mistakes, but will learn for next time!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

popsicle faces

lincoln had his first popsicle today and it was quite a hit. he and booker did such a good job waiting in line with me in a store, they got to go pick out popsicles and they chose pudding pops. not a bad popsicle to have for the first one ever! their little popsicle faces are so cute, but then again, i am a little biased!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

lincoln's swing

one of lincoln's favorite things to do is to swing at the park. he giggles and laughs and is only happy when he is going really high. he especially likes it when booker is right next to him. what a sweet boy!
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a flowerific night

These are the flowers I made last night at my fondant and gum paste class. What a fun night. The ladies are all really fun that are in the class, and the teacher is a really "hands on" kind of teacher. It's super fun to learn a new skill. Thanks mom!

These pics aren't the best, but the best I could do with the camera and light.



fantasy flower.
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Monday, April 16, 2007

building blocks

i love happy boys and building blocks in the morning. this is Booker's first block building that didn't end because of destruction! what a fun morning! he was so proud. (notice Lincoln is out of the picture due to his constant persistence in knocking Booker's building down!)

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bookers great adventure

Today we went to go and do one of Booker's favorite things...feed the ducks. We go to a little pond about a 1/2 mile from here, and Boooker loves it because we get to walk through the "jungle" (he likes to call it) to get there. He has taken on an added interest of pushing Lincolns stroller (only because he likes to run with it and crash it into things, and then laughs so hard). While in the jungle he likes to look for squirrels, ducks, birds, wormies, and sticks.

Often times the sticks he finds are 4 times as large as him. He looks like he is dragging around a tree. Believe me, this is a small one.

And then we finally get to the ducks, and feed them 1/2 a loaf of bread in about 2 minutes. I'm sure they just love it. I know he does.

When this is all done, you can't find a happier boy in the world!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

creative messes

have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

booker got some finger paints for easter and so we created with them today. i think there is something so fun about letting kids have an art material and letting them go at it! it's where their creative minds are developed! was really trying to get into bookers painting experience, so i gave him his own...yogurt painting (at least i thought this was a good idea)...he put his finger on the paper plate 1 time and then in his mouth, and nothing else went on the paper again! he's so cute. and you can tell made quite a mess! a creative mess, i like to call it.

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