Monday, June 25, 2007

wedding:round one

so here is round one of the wedding....the flowers for the cakes have begun. they are going to be unending, but will look really great. with a lot of thought, and some pleading, we've taken the number of cakes from 8 down to 3-3 layered cakes, and then 2 bunches of cupcakes. one cake will be white with white will be white with brown and orange daisies..the last will be a surprise!:0)

flowers: round one

this is the awesome guest book i made for my turned out so cute!

i'm excited to see how it all is going to turn out!
3 of 250 favors..thanks beej and kara!:) way i could've done it with out them!

booker's train ride.

Booker has worked really hard in the last few weeks to become potty trained..(whew!) to be able to ride his first real train. And we got to do that on Saturday! Grandma and Papa found the perfect train to ride out of North Bend and it went to Snoqualmie Falls and back. We saw all kinds of exotic animals like horses, dogs, even people as we inched along at a pace of at least 4 miles an hour! We waved to all of the cars who had to sit and wait for us to cross every road, but our very favorite was sitting in the first car on the way back and listening to the train whistle over and over (Booker was so excited every time it blew)..(and it blew a lot!) All in all, a great day to celebrate a LONG awaitd accomplishment!

Booker sees the train (do you see the little light?)
He and grandma watch and wait patiently.
I, yes I, get to ride the big choo choo.
Lincoln was really excited too!:)
This is Booker saying "cheese" for the 1000th picture on the train...we had 3 cameras +1 video camera going at the same time...We are nutty!:)

what do you do at 5:30 am?

Here at the Melver household, many weird things happen at 5:30 am. First of all, little boys feel like they have to wake up and run to "find" everyone! We clean out garages, including hammering, oh and yes, little boys are chased by their mom while they run down the road singing "Kill the Beast" (from Beauty and the Beast)..I guess when little boys watch that movie, their favorite song is different than most people!:)
We also go canoeing in the garage...we saw sea turtles, really is an amazing garage!:)

We take pictures with our lovely aunt who has the craziest tan in the blessing for living in Hawaii.

and we get dressed up and get mad about it! I'm sure dad will be proud of his boy for acting out about it!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

thank you

this morning at 2 am as we were finishing our flight into seattle, i was reflecting on my day and was so greatful for a few things:
thank you to the man at the airport who saw we were going to buy some drinks and gave us a money voucher for the airport to use. that made my day! i felt like i didn't have to waste my money on something silly like drinks, so my kids could be happy.

thank you to the cincinnati airport for putting a playground area in your airport. why are these not in every airport around...and not only that, it was clean, and not busy! a much better way to spend an hour waiting for your flight than chasing kids so they don't get hurt on the moving sidewalks!

thank you also to the cincinnati airport for having a train to ride from terminal to terminal. you made my 3 year olds day be so happy. we couldn't stop talking about the "train that went really fast!"

thank you to the woman who put up with us on the long trek across the US in seats that were not designed to have children sleep in them. she was so patient with the 40 minutes of screaming from both boys, as well as the constant wrestling motions that happened at the same time. she was also so sweet and rubbed lincolns back till he fell asleep when i had him in one arm and booker laying across my lap, insisting that my other had rub his belly.

thank you to the other passengers, who walked by at the end and said," you did great, mom" "we've all been there...hope you didn't worry about the screaming"

thank you to my parent who didn't even get to go home for a second, and jumped right in a car to come and get us, and who then woke up at the crack of dawn to go to work again! (who ever said education had great hours, never knew my parents!)

thank you to my sweet boys, who after staying up way too late, were so happy when we got here and chased each other for an hour when we got to the house, giggling and was 4:30 am our normal time!:)

thank you to my boys who fell asleep in lightening quick time, and are still there right now, snoozing away!

i kept thinking about the impact that one person can have on your day, and really the man who gave us that voucher changed my attitude and made me look at all of the great things that happened yesterday....(and this is not to leave out the biggest thank you....)

thank you to my husband who helped pack us and get us ready and who kept the boys happy all day, so we could have a great night!

it's nice to remember the great things that happen to you in one day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thoughts on Fathers

This image, one of my favorite pictures, evokes in me some of the deepest and most profound feelings, and yet I sit here, struggling to type a single sentence about it. I know for a fact that in my younger years I contributed significantly to both my father's gray hair and baldness. He put up with a lot from us kids. It hasn't been until recently, the birth of Booker and then Lincoln, that I have been able to truly appreciate his years of patience, quiet example, and unquestioned love. In short, fatherhood has made me realize that it was not easy being my father, it is not easy being a father myself, and that fatherhood is inherently difficult. Few things, if any, refine men's souls in the way being a father does. It bares wide man's every foible and weakness, humbling him, testing his resolve. I suppose the birth of my children has helped me see myself as I really am. Sometimes the picture isn't too pretty. Inevitably I have looked back on my own childhood experience and have seen my dad with new eyes. Yes, sometimes the picture wasn't too pretty, but I see a man who tried to give his children the best life he knew how. He made mistakes, but he kept trying. It is amazing for me to see him, both as he was and as he now is. The years of fatherhood have grayed his hair (and scared the rest away), but he is the man he struggled to be for all those years. His unbending integrity, compassion, and quiet acts of service and love have no equal. I suppose this is the hope of fatherhood, and ultimately the hope of this life, that in the end we are able to overcome ourselves and rise to our full potential. As I have become a father, I have seen him in me more than I ever could have imagined. I inherited it all, the good and the bad. But I could never fault my dad for anything, not one mistake, not one lost temper, not one missed moment. I can only hope to rise to his stature. If I am able to become the man that my dad has become (and was deep down all along), I will count myself a success.
I love you dad.
BJ Comin
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great dads!

On Father's Day each year, I can't help but think of how lucky I am. I was brought up by an incredible father who taught me much about hard work, persistence, patience and love. He also instilled in me a love of sports, books, and trying out new things. He spent countless hours working with my siblings and I teaching us skills in our favorite sports....coaching us, and helping us to become the best we could. He never accepted anything than less than our best and our hardest work. Some of my favorite memories of him and I were spent late Thursday nights while I was in High School and I was restless about a basketball game the next day...he would take me to the church so we could shoot around for a good hour or so and talk about what I could do the next day. He always made me feel like I could do anything. He's taught me much about change, about love for our Savior, and about miracles that can happen in someone's life. I think many times growing up I overlooked just how lucky I was to have him in my life...and especially now that I have my own kids, I can recognize just how lucky I was and still am. I love you, dad!
I also feel so lucky to have married an incredible man, who is also the father of our beautiful children! He never gives himself the credit he deserves for being the great dad that he is. Some of my favorite moments in my life have been to watch him with our little boys, teaching them, playing with them, snuggling with them, just being their dad! I'm glad that when I married him, I could see the kind of dad he was going to be....watchful, caring, educated, high expectation, loving, fun, carefree, consistant and thoughtful dad. I am glad my children have him as their example as a dad and husband. And am glad that I have him to help me along the way as well! I couldn't be the mom or wife I am without him helping me out! I love you too, Beej! :) ( he will be so mad that I wrote this):)
"--09u g6ymnyynnnynnnm67y7n7m7m7m7mmmmm88888876n6566n66666"...that was Booker writing "Happy Father's Day, Papa's and Dad! I love you!"

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Friday, June 15, 2007

hey you, don't hurt my brother!

Today I had a vivid childhood memory replay in my mind. I was about 6 or 7 years old and was playing at the school's playground when a boy my friend and I didn't get along with came over and started bullying us around. He told us he was going to hurt us...and about then my older brother Josh came over to make sure we were okay. I told him what this kid had told us and he got up in his face (mind you, Josh was never a really "big" kid) and this kid stepped back. Josh told him if he ever touched me or my friend or even threatened us again, that he would beat him up. Its funny to think of now...because in that moment I felt so secure and safe. My BIG brother was defending me, and this stinky boy never said another mean thing to me again! Fast forward a few 22 years and we were in the doctor's office today. The boys were getting their shots and Booker wanted to go first. He got his MMR, which isn't the easiest of shots to get, so when he got it, he screamed so hard and loud, but after settling him down, it was then Lincolns turn to get his shots. Booker was in the corner of the room and when he saw the nurse take the needle out he ran to the middle of the room, pointing his finger at her and yelled, "Hey you, don't hurt my brother!" The nurse was a bit taken back, but I wish I could capture Booker's face. It was the exact same look that my brother gave that bully. Booker was really concerned about Lincoln! I love this! I love that even at a young age Booker is defending and protecting Lincoln. I think so many times in my life of the times when someone has defended me, or when I have been protecting of someone many times it has been my family. I don't think there is any other way to be for family or friends. Sometimes we get in situations where we need that protecting, and I hope that Booker and Lincoln can always count on each other, just as I knew and know that I can count on my family. What sweet little boys we have!

Look at that smile! :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

pool bugs and bums

We love our pool! Yesterday, as we were "enjoying" our 90 degree weather, we all looked at each other and said, "Let's go swimming!" There is never a better thing to do than go swimming on a nice and hot day! And Beej even had the day off! Yippee!

We found cute pool bugs! (At least thats what we think he looked like)

We also found cute pool bums. (This is the preferred activity after the pool for Lincoln!)

And the blessings of being active in the pool.....even beyond the cooling off!

We even came back last night and went swimming again....ahhhh, the good life! :)
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

look who visited our house!

Look who came to the Comin house this morning!

Booker and I decided to make caterpillars this morning and had so much fun doing it!

It's amazing how the simplest of activities end up being the most fun! I should remember this more often!

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

So someone told me that I need to make this blog more than just about my kids, so here is the attempt. I saw this on another bloggers site, and thought I would try it.

Here's the challenge:
Go Google your name and the word needs to find out what's keeping YOU from leading a more fulfilling life.

And here is the result:

#1 Kiki Needs a Chestica Simpson Weave! Apparently this haircut I gave myself wasn't as nice as I had hoped! :)

#2 Kiki needs a friend! Always knew this, however, i am feeling completely content with my life of friends right now...doesn't mean I don't have room for another, just feel really blessed where I am right now.

#3 Kiki needs to put her nervousness aside and look like she's having some fun out there. Hilliard just makes me so nervous though...I thought I was having fun...perhaps I do need to show it more! :)

#4 Kiki needs a dentist. Shoot! I thought all those problems were behind me. And if someone else is telling me this...haha.

#5 Kiki needs her cat's sarcasm to make her way in the busy streets. If anyone knows me, you will for sure know that IF I needed a cat for anything, I would rather be dead.

#6 "Kiki needs the touch of a loving, caring human for a change. She has not been so lucky in her life. The companion she previously had unfortunately partnered with someone who abused Kiki. The person attempted to declaw her themselves and did so much damage to her feet that one of them had to be partially amputated. Luckily, Kiki was found and brought to the vet where her physical injuries have been attended to: her paw, the abrasions all over her face and a canine tooth that was fractured and had to be extracted. She will have a limp, but her physical hurts have healed nicely. With enough love, patience and caring, her emotional pains will also heal. She is already learning to trust. At first she was very frightened and would hiss to protect herself. (Watch out, Jessica, I may be a Canada goose) Now she lets everyone hold and pet her - even strangers! She is a very special Kiki who deserves a safe and loving home. Kiki is about one-year-old( or somewhere close to that!), spayed and current on vaccinations." Can I add anything more! sniff, sniff. Please, be my friend...or my dentist...or perhaps if you are a hairdresser, bring me a Chestica Simpson Weave. :)

cute faces

Is this not the most typical boy face you have ever seen?

While at the Memorial Day picnic, Booker and Steven played a really fun game where they threw dirt at each other, then ran around, and did it all again. This was the result.

Just can't get enough of that face!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

bubble land

Our backyard turned into bubble land yesterday.

Lincoln was so excited!

Booker was on cloud 9.

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see me!

These are some of the cute clothes the boys just got from grandma and papa. They were so excited to open the box and find all of their goodies. They look so cute in everything. Thanks grandma and papa!

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