Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a little fun

i had just a little time this morning to play while booker was at school and look what fun i had with these new cookie cutters my mom got me. how fun, huh! i think it could make a fun birthday favor...or just a fun little surprise for someone! and i was getting my tip warmed up for my cake decorating class that i am teaching this saturday at super saturday. should be fun!
the gang..how do you like the brown sugar sand?!!
my favorite little creature
i loved the little fish i put on the flag!:)
happy last day of july!
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Monday, July 30, 2007

papa and grandma

Where have we been all week? Playing with papa and grandma! They came this week from seattle and we had a great time playing here in columbus. One trip we made was to the zoo.....

Lincolns first ride with papa....
Bookers horsie ride with grandma...

We rode a boat for the first time. Lincoln didn't quite know what to think of it.

We took lots of pictures...LOTS AND LOTS.

another train ride.

And after a long day, Lincoln crashed, and Booker just smiled. Don't you love trips with papa and grandma?!

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tractor play at COSI

I love all these fun things that the city puts on at different places. Last week we went to the ribs and jazz fest downtown and had a blast. This week COSI had a tractor display for the kids..they could climb and climb and ride to their little hearts content. It was a perfect day to go and the boys loved every minute.
Look at that smile..there's nothing like a tractor.
Like I said..there is nothing like a tractor smile.
vrrrooooom, vrrrrooooom......he tried so hard to turn this thing on.

a tractor just lincolns size...well, almost!

corn farmer in the making ;)

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simple pleasures

I walked up the stairs today to put Lincoln down for a nap and this made me so happy:
Why, you might ask? I think I have always been a pretty simple person. It doesn't take much to make me happy. This track, which ran all the way from Bookers bed to Lincolns bed, made me so happy to see because I know Bookers imagination was at work. (not that we ever have to worry about that boys imagination) He worked on this so long and didn't even tell me about it, which he usually does. What a happy surprise! The other reason it made me so happy (and some may think this is a dumb reason) but I loved the colors on the floor...those bright fun colors just make me smile! It always has been nice being a simple person who enjoys VERY simple things! Happy Monday!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the best

it was the best concert i've ever been to...
Wow...it's been awhile since i've blogged..the camera cord was in washington, so i couldn't download my pictures..but my parents came with the cord so let the blogging continue!
so these are some of the pics from the night of the concert...we had amazing seats...the second row on the bleachers, but no one was in front of us, so we had a nice clear view all night long! so i can't put into words how much fun we had...yes, even bj had a great time! the music was sweet, tim mcgraw is an incredible entertainer...it was such an incredible night. thanks sam and anne for watching the kids! :)

this was them at the end...tim, faith and taylor swift (she was the opening act.)

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

so excited.

what a stinkin' fun week we had. i turned 29. beej made it on to 2 journals for next year..(always nice when you have a choice!) and got tickets to go to tim and faiths concert this week! i am so excited...bj thinks i am nuts for being overjoyed about it...but i am listening to them for 3 days straight so i can sing super loud..or more just to be even more excited about it all! i had a great birthday..beej gave me the greatest present the night of my birthday..he put the boys in bed early, and then went to play softball, so i had a whole night of quiet art time..ahhhh, it felt so nice...i think i am always going to be one of those people who don't care how old i am. i know some ladies (especially) are sensitive about that information...i just can't believe how old i am..(where on earth did my 20's go!) wow, life goes by fast...but am excited to just be alive and working on some really fun things...i have a lot of goals to finish before i turn 30...then i am sure will have alot more for 31, and so on! i am looking forward to this week...will post more after the concert (or when i get my camera cord back from my mom!)haha...

am excited to see and hear him.....

am excited to see and hear her....
thanks em and kevin.;)

Monday, July 2, 2007

it's done!

Well, after many long nights and long days of work...the wedding is over!!! And this is not meant to be mean, but YIPPPEEE! It went great! The sealing was beautiful and short, the reception came together really well..a great day! We all woke up the next morning REALLY tired...however, it did not affect the kids, therefore they were right up at 5:30 am once again...fun, fun! Here's a few shots from the day!

Not a great shot, but its at least one of our fam!
THE cake! It turned out really cute.

Her flowers were awesome..she did the bouquet herself...you cannot really tell with my picture but the rose are cream and orange. She took a class last semester in floral design so she could do her own bouquet!
my beautiful sister, emily...and she made her own dress, as well...she is majoring in sewing.
a shot with all the grandkids....cute!