Wednesday, August 29, 2007

zebra stripes

Lincoln sits in a booster chair, and he was up to the table today and pushed himself backwards, making his chair fall backwards and hitting his head on the ground. After many hugs and kisses, I put him back in his chair and ran upstairs for something, and on my way I heard Booker say,"Oh sweetheart, let me help you feel better." My thought was kisses, hugs, giving him his toy back, etc. My thoughts are NEVER his thoughts. I walked down to find this:

"Booker," I asked, "What are you doing?" Booker replies,"I'm making his head feel better, mom! See, he's smiling! I'm giving him zebra stripes, like Stripes the zebra and it makes him happy!"

Thank goodness for washable markers and thoughtful 3 year olds!

The Culprit.

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double dare.

Do you remember the Nickelodeon game "Double Dare"? Well, we had some friends put on a game day where we played it and had a blast! Some MAJOR creativity went into putting this game together..and the questions had to be just right...hard enough that we would choose the physical challenges..but a couple we could answer so that we didn't feel so bad about ourselves. The result was tons of fun doing something, at least we, don't normally do on a Saturday afternoon!

The Players

The Games

#1: partner A lays on the ground with an Alka-Seltzer tablet on their chin while partner B spits water from a straw on to it to try to get it to fizz away first!(never knew Alka-Seltzer tasted so bad!)

#2-Polar Dip..Each person on the team had to put their foot in a cooler filled with water and ice and try to get as many clear marble out with their foot as they could.(you never knew if you were getting ice or marbles!)

#3- Whiteheads-(The most disgusting)- Partner A rubs peanut butter all over face (and head for Beej) :) and Partner B stands behind a line throwing mini marshmallows trying to get them to stick on their face.

With his slight advantage of a few more square inches to cover..haha...BJ was the clear winner on this one!

#4- Partner A slurps up Speghettio's with mouth and spits them out on a cookie sheet, while Partner B makes words out of the letters.

#5-The Egg Toss- Partner A stands with a paper cylinder on their head, while partner B throws raw eggs trying to get them in their cylinder, which in turn cracks the egg all over their head.

The result: :)


Thanks Heather, Noelle, Rick and Phil for a great afternoon!(one that will not be forgotten soon!)

Monday, August 27, 2007

why you should always have a map in your home

I have a feeling she may not have been able to find the US, the Iraq, the South Africa or even the suchas! I love watching this over and over. This second one has a funny clip on the end.

or even better..miss west carolina speaks out!

Music Video Monday

Miranda Lambert,"Famous in a Small Town"

I think most people know this, but I grew up in a very small town. Small as in 3000 people small. Small as in 86 people in your graduating class small. Small as in you held a boys hand, and your parents heard it from 30 people before you had time to be excited about it small. It was classic small. In some ways. So to celebrate this week's #1 video on CMT, I will give 5 great or not so great reasons to live in a small town.

#5 You don't need caller ID. I had never heard of it until I left Battle Mountain. There were so few people, that when you got a call, you knew exactly who it was when you heard their voice.

#4 Your degree of wealth is measured by your mobile home size. (single wide, double wide, triple wide-high roller!)

#3 Since everyone knows everyone's business, it's easy to steer clear of trouble makers.

#2 There's no home town pride like there's home town pride in a small town.

#1 Only a small town would be proud to put it's initials "BM" on its hillside.:)

cutie boys

the other night beej and i celebrated our 5th anniversary by watching this:
loved it! loved it! loved it!

meanwhile booker and lincoln played to their little hearts content at our friends home and were so sweet and happy when we picked them up...booker wanted me to take a picture of him in his doughnut delivery boy hat..and lincoln..well he is just cute too!

this is my hat!

this is how cute i am in it!

look at me i smile too!

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rainy day fun!

We figure when it rains outside, you might as well play in the big puddles! We have had some crazy storms this summer...all the kind you think will "cool off" the hot and muggy air, and yet even after the rain, it is still hot and you might as well get wet! (then go in the house and cool off in front of the fan!) :)
floaties work well as boats in rain storms.

Beej and Booker..happy as can be!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

blueberry ice cream, rides and lots of fun!

Last week, we took our family vacation for the summer...a one day trip to King's Island!..(j/k..that was to poke fun at Beej!) We had such a fun time at the amusement park and observed some very good listen up!:
*Don't take kids under 6 to an amusement park, where you really have to stay to get your money's worth, and you have to wait in long lines for really silly rides! Booker insisted we try our the Helicopter ride, so we waited very patiently in line for 40 minutes for our 4 minutes of fun!:) The boys did so good!
*Blueberry ice cream really is as good as everyone told us! Perfect for a hot day!
*Booker is really funny to watch as he rides different rides. The best was his bumper car ride. He was all excited to get on, and then sat and didn't touch the wheel. Within the first 10 seconds he was whip lashed so hard he didn't know what to think. For those who know him, he was doing his little "mammy" face and twiddling his fingers...very fun to see...all the parents were trying to get him to turn his wheel, but he just sat there! fun, fun!:)
*Lincoln wished he was 36"or even 30" so he could at least touch the board and think about riding some of the rides! He sat outside the gates and just grunted and pointed to the rides!
*Beej went on a crazy fun roller coaster.."The Beast" and had a great time! His favorite part was reaching the top of the roller coaster, and looking down, but couldn't see the bottom (it was an inverted turn that went into a tunnel!)
*We really did have a great time, even in the car..the boys were happy..90% of the time...just nice to spend some great time together as a family.
YUM,YUM, Blueberry ice cream!

Look at the size of that cone...and he ate every last bit of it!

Fun carousel ride...Booker insisted on THIS zebra...and we heard the "sip, sip"(zebra noise) quite often on this ride! Lincoln also has quite the horse sound down as well!

GO, DIEGO,GO! booker was in heaven, need i say more!

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music video monday.

So I am starting something a little new today. Music video Monday will showcase a new video/s each week, some old, some new, some country, some not. I love music. I love listening to music when I run, when I am making something new, when I am cleaning, when I am in the car...I could pretty much throw out our TV and listen to music and be happy. So today will start our Mondays together. Feel free to give me suggestions. These songs are old, and I cannot really even tell you why I love them so much (as with a lot of the music I listen to), but I love them. Hope you enjoy!

"Different", Acceptance

"Vindicated", Dashboard Confessional

Read up, children!

Phew...i didn't know what it was going to say, i held my breath for a minute, and then found out that your children can read my blog!:) Have a happy day!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

comforts of home

Last night, actually 3 this morning we woke up to the most unbelieveable storm you could ever imagine! It was raining like crazy, but the amazing part was the lightening and thunder! I have never seen a storm quite like this, as you can tell in the first picture this was the sky when there were no strikes, and the one on the bottom when one was going off..and i can't even tell you how many strikes there were! This morning on the radio I heard the winds were blowing this storm through at 50 mph, and that we would've had a much worse storm but the winds blew it by so quickly that it didn't have time to sit and brew. And who is this lovely person in the pics? You guessed it, Booker himself! He woke up shaking from being so scared by the loud thunder, so he came in and watched the storm with us for 1/2 an hour. It was so cute, he just kept saying, "Mommy, Booker got really scared by the funder(thunder) and yightning, so I came in to be with mommy and daddy." He said it over and over...he must've been quite shaken! I so remember being young when we would have big storms and hiding in my parents room, because I thought it was the safest place in the world. There is some kind of safety your parents can make you feel, and I love that we can give that to Booker. I also told BJ that everyone else couldn't enjoy what we do because they had their windows shut and A/C on, so they couldn't enjoy the full impact! Oh the blessings of having el-natural A/C. Thank goodness for 3am storms!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

look who came to our house!

booker was very excited that "the man" to our house and brought his costume for halloween. it is so "stinkin" cute!:)
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Friday, August 10, 2007

total self control!

So today we went to a fun little metro park called Inniswoods with some friends and I came away thinking they should put quite the disclaimer on their park website: This is by far one of the most beautiful parks in the city, however, please note this is because we have but a few places the kids can REALLY play, we do not allow food in the park grounds, and right now we have a great exhibit that every child would be fascinated with, but please, DON'T TOUCH! We have an incredible exhibit called "Big Bugs" right now where we love to have children come and see all the great exhibits. We have very large bugs, where it won't be a problem for your children to not touch their delicate pieces, however we have many that are also right on the ground. We want to see just how much self mastery your children have! Do they listen to you when you tell them to stop pulling on a large antennae? Can they just look at something they are completely fascinated with and not even sit on it? Come, bring your children to our very manicured, incredible beautiful garden park today and test each of their "listening to their mamas" ability.
So it really was one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to, however decided it would a lot less stressful to have your husband there with you to keep your finger on each of the kids. I saw some summer school type groups there (some with a lot of young children) and couldn't imagine a worse place to be!:) My constant thought stream of "Oh my gosh, how could I possibly explain an antennae broken in half if Booker got his hands on one and pulled too hard"...or even worse.."How much would this cost to replace" was completely exhausting. Note to self: Take your husband next time!:)
However, we got a very interesting beetle talk..did you know that 1 in every 4 things that live is a type of a beetle! All that considered, does that mean since I have a family of 4, one of us is a beetle..and which one would that be? A very curious thought.
And one funny story.or two. So we were listening to the beetle guy talk and he asked for some volunteers, and Booker rose his hand! But he wasn't picked to come up and taste some beetle food (gummy worms)..he was pretty upset that they weren't giving everyone some beetle food, so I pulled out some red licorice and he asked, "Oh, is that dragonfly food?" I answered, "absolutely..(whoops)"...and i'm sure now for the next while, there will constantly be a need for dragonfly food in our home, which will rival the new version of the Jonah verse in "Follow the Prophet", which BJ helped Booker to learn at FHE: (just forgot to tell the story, thought this was a good place to insert!):)
Jonah was a prophet, tried to run away.
But he later learned to listen and obey.
When we really try the Lord won't let us fail.
That's what Jonah learned deep down inside the Beluga Whale.
Sometimes I wonder how much good us parents ever do for our children!:)
Luckily this one was pretty safe to touch.
However, do you see the "jump-hoppers", booker's term for grasshopper, antennas...As I was walking briskly to catch up with booker, I looked up and saw him pulling down on one of the antennas, really hard, it was bending and I was yelling "No" in slow motion...luckily his brain decided to listen for a split second and let go, just as I got to him. accidents here today. However, i had to let him gently sit for a brief second to snap a shot..(He looked at me like an idiot when i suggested he sit on the ground next to it).
and the human ant of the few places the kids could be kids...and I could be one too as i crawled thought trying to get Lincoln out of the tube! He's learning awfully quickly how to run away from mom!AHHHHHH!:)
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

i know i'm early

i know i am a bit early with this whole halloween thing...but i am usually very late, so i overcompensated this year! BUT how cute is he?!!!! lincolns outfit came today, bookers will come soon, but poor booker was so jealous of lincoln today!!!!! he kept asking if the "man" was bringing his costume today cute! if nothing else, maybe this will excite you for the funnest holiday ever in 2 months! :)

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Friday, August 3, 2007

i love this!

fun in the heat!

So these last few days have been killer...especially with a broken A/C. The last 3 days have been in the 90's with about 90% humidity as well...that equals out to 4 hot and sweaty people in one household! Not a pretty sight! :(
However, the boys make the best of it, and today made themselves a new swimming pool..a bucket! Booker spent quite a while filling it up with a small bucket and the fruits of his labor paid off!
Wrestling in the bucket!

We love to play in our bucket..are they just the sweetest faces you've ever seen!

A little splashing is always fun too!

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blackberry pickin'

Wow! Did we have fun today or what?! We went with a bunch of ladies from church to pick blackberries. I was a little skeptical to take the boys, BUT...we had a blast! I have never seen a berry pickin' machine like Booker anywhere before! He picked berries for about 50 minutes straight, and ended up picking about 90% of our berries! Lincoln didn't especially enjoy the heated activity...but Booker loved every minute, and just kept saying, "Mommy, I have sweaty all over!" I felt his pain! :)
Booker's activity of choice
Lincoln's activity of choice

Look at how happy berry pickin' makes me!

And here are our berries! Yummy pies, here we come!

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