Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This is the result of two awake boys and one sleeping mom. Don't try this at home moms! Now my morning will consist of two high strung boys, but one rested mom! Maybe it won't be so bad!:) If you cannot tell this is one of two advent calendars that was filled with chocolate and was finished off this morning and it is what, the 11th? You do the math!:)
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Monday, December 10, 2007

growing up

Wow! My little boy is growing up! I can't believe he will be 4 soon! How could I have been a mom for 4 years already!!! It goes so fast! Here he is looking mighty cute before church yesterday. When I put the suit on him, he looked at Beej and said, "Now I'm just like you dad!" So sweet!

Yesterday Booker and Beej went to church alone and while taking the sacrament, Beej was trying to explain to Booker about what the sacrament represents. Then Booker said, "Well, I want to go and see Jesus!" BJ explained that was not possible and Booker looked at him, flapped his little hands and said, "Oh yeah, I don't have my wings on!" He never stops making us laugh, and we love him for it!
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Saturday, December 8, 2007

a little snow play

We've had a great time enjoying the snow the last couple of days! The boys and I made a small snowman (the snow wouldn't pack for us!) and Booker absolutely loved him!

Can you tell??!

Today we had a much needed play date with our dad and had such a great time. We went sledding at a small hill right across from our house and it was to be as expected...Booker is afraid of nothing! The faster and crazier the better! Suprisingly Lincoln really loved it as well! He would just giggle as he would come down the hill. After a good snow fight, and really cold hands, we came inside and had some really great naps!

We love the snow!:)

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

cold hands...

I know when my boys wake up at 5 am, 2 days in a row that they are really excited about something...and this is what it is:
Booker bopped around all morning (from 5-6 am) singing about the snow, making up stories about the snow..and coming in for the next hour begging to go out and play in it!..and throughout the day yesterday, came in and out happy as a clam, with freezing cheeks, a running nose, but the biggest smile you've ever seen. I think we have a snow bunny on our hands!

Lincoln braved the cold for 20 minutes at a time.....

Booker braved it for MUCH longer..can you tell by his cheeks!

While serving a mission in Canada we had a man in one of our wards who whenever he would see us come out of the cold he would say, "cold hands..." and we would say "warm hearts" (barf)...because that's what he was expecting us to say....today, i may even make that cheesier and barfier (nice word, huh!) by saying..cold hands, huge smile! happy snow!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

snow, snow, snow!

mmmmm. look what we woke up to this morning! well, actually, we woke up to booker screaming excitedly that there was snow outside at an early 5 am. the cutest was that he was making up a backyardigans episode in his room, all by himself, all about the snow! it was so cute! we are looking forward to playing a bit in this today!:) welcome, snow!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

interesting nite

The other night, I decided to get some tickets to a live nativity reenactment that was playing fairly close to us....and we had mixed reviews. BJ hated every second of it...horrible acting (what was he expecting!):), cheesy lines, questionable story line..(they added a little to some parts)..and I thought it was just a nice way to kick off the holiday season, so that we remembered what it was all about. I agreed that it was a little over done, but thought that they did a great job with costuming minus the angel that was a crossdresser who was singing at the nativity...(that was a bit interesting). Booker and Lincoln loved the donkey, despite the 20 degree weather we braved for a good 20 minutes while watching Mary and Joseph make their trek to Bethlehem. I think all of us were a bit disturbed by the angel who appeared to the shepherds:

Okay, so maybe the whole thing was a little hokey, maybe I am a bit sentimental...I just love doing "Christmassy" things anywhere, especially when I am with my family!