Monday, January 21, 2008

the big 2-8!

how lame-oh is this birthday cake!!:) my hubby hates most cakes, but loves brownie bites, so thats what he got, with a candle stuck in it! Booker thought it was pretty great!:) We also enjoyed a nice BIG cake from our neighbor too...she never forgets anyones birthday! So as you can guess, today was Beej's birthday, but we have decided to make it a birthday week...with the boys and i sick all weekend, then Beej got sick too, we didn't have much time to get anything together for him (poor guy!), so instead we will celebrate all week...i thought it was a pretty good compromise! Happy Birthday,Beej! I feel so lucky and blessed to have him as a husband and friend! And I always love it once he has a birthday, cuz it makes it seem like I am not that much older than him then!:)
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Nate and Jessica said...

Good sport posing for the picture...and great choice on the brownie bites! What ever happened to the joint no sugar thing?

kiki comin said...

he asked the same thing..i totally let him off for his birthday..he quickly obliged!:)

candice said...

Cute blog. Booker's party looked like a lot of fun. You are so creative. I can't believe it.