Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Another fun day we had while on vacation is when we went to Disneyland. My oldest brother and his family were there, so we drove up to be with them for a day! We had SUCH a fun time! They spoiled us and our kids all day long...and it made the long lines we did have to stand in so fun! Luckily by the time we got there, Toby and his fam were pros at how to do Disneyland so we did fast passes all day long and only had to wait in a handful of long lines! We really think the highlite of the day was the parade and Fantasmic,a water/lights show at the end of the night..my favorite ride was a tie between space mountain and Indiana Jones...Bookers favorite by far was the Peter Pan ride..he is still talking about it, and will be the inspiration for his birthday party next week! So thank you, thank you Toby and Lana! We enjoyed ourselves so much, and we know a lot of that enjoyment had to do with you guys! Thanks!

Booker got a kick out of seeing the genie!

The boys didn't know what to think of the Haunted House, thus their faces!

Booker was in heaven with his cousins all day...and kept asking when we were going to see "Sabby and Gracie" again!:)

Lincoln is on a sugar high right here!:)

Booker has had hour after hour of enjoyment with his"Nemo Stick" that his uncle bought him...what fun!

Somehow I made it through that entire day without taking pics of everyone!:(

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