Friday, January 25, 2008

a few thoughts.

"Commencement speakers are supposed to urge you to rise to the highest challenge, pursue the impossible dream, excel at the loftiest ambitions. I will not do that. It is too easy; it is too empty. The easiest thing to do is to support great causes, sign stirring petitions, endorse grand philosophies. The hardest thing to do--and it is getting harder all of the time--is to be a good husband, a good wife, a strong father, a strong mother, and honorable friend and neighbor."
Professor James Q. Wilson of UCLA, commencement speaker @ BYU 1994
"When you do something out of duty it depletes you, when you do it out of love it enhances you."
Mother Theresa
So in the last two days, I recieved a magazine that had the top quote in it and a letter that had the second quote in it and I knew it was time again to take stock. Winter time often makes me think inward when thinking about being a mother, most often because we are inside SO much together (the kids and I) and that kind of closeness often brings out my extremes!:) The quote by Mother Theresa I think says it all, because far too often I am afraid that mothering to me becomes a duty and I therefore miss out on the "enhancing" part! And so the trick is to be able to remember in the stressful, emotional, and tiring part of the day the incredibly important job that I have at hand. I was partly reminded a few nights ago by my husband how great a life I really have when he said, "What do you have to do tommorrow?" And my reply wasn't, "I have to find a way to feed my children" or "I have to find work so we can survive", like so many women in this world would have said...instead it was "Oh, Booker is going to school, Lincoln and I will check out some sales, then on to Graeter's for ice cream and playing, then naps, in which I will spend the time working on a new project, and hopefully we will have dinner ready when you get home!" Stressful, huh! And looking back at days, I just think...I literally just played all day long, in a lot of different ways, but I played! So I've been trying to be more positive, looking for more activities to play WITH my children, and of course more projects to complete when they are sleeping!:) I have a great life and am most thankful that I have people and things to love so that my character and spirit can be enhanced if I just remember to do things out of love and not out of duty. And just one more quick thought...Elder D. Todd Christofferson said, "'s true greatness lies in how his life has influenced his descendants"...if nothing else, I find this a great motivator!:) happy friday!


Emily said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing. I needed a "few thoughts" to help me through this week as well. Thanks!!!

Anne Woods said...

well said, Kiki. I am in the same boat- always trying to remember my blessings while doing the seemingly mundane tasks. We really are so lucky... when compared to the extremes of finding food, work, etc. but just being given the opportunity to stay home with our kids. That is becoming such a rare thing. So fun to have you guys over! let's do it again soon!