Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a fun, but dissappointing night!

this pic looks kind of funny...beej is in a chair that sinks down..and i am in one that doesn't..makes me look like a mammoth compared to him!haha!;)

Last night our friends hosted a fun little OSU party..and although the team didn't pull it out, we had a great night with friends! There is no spirit like OSU football spirit...it has been really fun to get into. When we got home we had a message from Beej's uncle Paul on the phone..and all we have to say to you Paul is..At least our team has made it to the game again and again..some wins and some losses..but we are there!:) So although the dissappointing loss, THANK YOU Landon and Kara for a great night!

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Landon & Kara said...

Um, check out my gigantic mouth - even my parents agree I have horse teeth, but I'm still going to steal it for my blog! And I didn't even realize it, but those curtains were the perfect backdrop for your festive Ohio State picture! Thanks for hangin' out with us!