Thursday, January 17, 2008

a pirate party.

cIn the last week, pirates have taken over our house in many ways. They are the constant inspiration in play, the craft project of the day (for several days), even the shopping quest. Today all of the waiting and working paid off! Booker turned 4 today and was sooooooooo overly excited about his party, mostly because he got to dress up and have all of his friends over that would all be dressed up too! The party was a great success! We had quite the treasure hunt, a project of making Cap'n Hooks hook hand, lots of eating, and tons of playing! I couldn't believe how quiet the house was when everyone left! We had such a good time, but most of all Booker had a great he was getting into bed he said, "Mom, can we have that party everyday?" That makes all the time you put into anything worth it! My little boy is growing up!:)

Arrrr...he says

It's very important we got a picture with the parrot on his shoulder!

The cake!...turned out cute!

even Noah got a facelift for Booker's birthday!

Lincoln got into the festivities as well (and enjoyed much chocolate!)

We found the treasure!
I thought this picture was just sweet...while Booker opened presents, all of the kids gathered in as close as they could to see what he was getting....and were all just so excited when he did open it!:)

Blowing out the candles...bad lighting, but thought it captured the moment so perfectly. (I love how Landon totally has his lips pursed as if he is blowing too! so cute!)

YO, YO, YO, four is the coolest to be! (This was his birthday shirt I made him this year...another tradition!):)

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Amanda said...

oh kiki, that was so much fun. tate won't stop talking about it. thanks so much.... i love the cake!

Emily said...

As always another success. Landon didn't want to be a pirate before the party and now that is all he does is where his hook and talk like a pirate. Happy Birthday Booker

The Comin Family said...

We just wanted to say Happy Birthday Booker! It sounds like you guys had a great time! Brighton keeps looking at the pictures and saying "Arrrrrr"!(It's her new favorite word) And the cake looks amazing! Way to go Kiki! Happy B-day again Booker!

Annie said...

Wow, how lucky is Booker to have you as a mom! That looked like the best birthday party ever! And with all my sweet sunbeams! You're cake and outfits-ADORABLE! So yeah, I'll be calling you for Julia's next birthday.

Nate and Jessica said...

Kiki everything turned out so amazing. I love the birthday shirt tradition...someday I will move away and use all these ideas and pretend like they are mine. Hah hah hah.

cheeks said...

kiki!!! You are so creative! Can i have cool parenting tips when the time comes?! What a fun idea...the kids all look like they had a blast! I love the tshirt tradition!

Brandon & Sara said...

Kiki I cannot believe how creative you are!! I am just amazed at that birthday cake! SO CUTE! You really are incredible! Hope your back is doing okay and you can play basketball with us Wed.

The Scott Family said...

wow.. kiki! I loved your cake! You are so talented. the pictures are adorable too! Happy birthday Booker!

allie said...

This is Annie's friend. I'm from Evanston and live in Evanston but I think your family moved away before we moved there. LOVE the cake. I'm forwarding you to all my friends with boys :)

Travis, Mindy & Boys said...

I must say... Your an amazing mom!