Saturday, January 5, 2008

a prayer for all to hear

After Beej came home tonight, there was a rousing reenactment of The Lion King in our house. Little Simba (Booker) snuggled into Mufasa (Beej)...and thus everything from then on was in reference to The Lion King. When dinner was ready and Booker was asked to say the prayer it was said as such: Thank you for mom, thank you for dad, thank you for i go to bed, thank you for the food, thank you that i get to eat the gazelle. It made my alfredo with mushrooms and broccoli, or in simbas (bookers) words, the muskox(spaghetti) with giraffe(mushrooms) and beetles(broccoli) with gazelle (french bread) on the side..seem just a bit less appetizing..but one of the cutest prayers i have ever heard!

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