Friday, January 4, 2008

sea world

one of our favored activities while in san diego was the chance to go to sea world 4 times! both booker and lincoln loved everything they saw, but by far their favorites were the orca whales and the dolphins. for days after visiting, we would hear in booker's nightly prayer.."thank you that i could see the orca whales, and that the lady could ride them, thank you that i could feed the dolphins fish and pet them". each night it was the same! so cute! i was really amazed at the grace that such a huge animal (whales) can have and the power they possess. what fun days these were!
waiting for the shamu show:

look at that...isn't it unbelievable!

i think i may have been just as excited as booker!
i'm so glad we didn't get splashed...we saw some people come out of there dripping like crazy!
what playful animals these dolphins were..
booker just squealed with delight everytime he touched them!
the walrus and sea lion show..suprisingly very funny!
what booker was greatful for:
we can't wait to see you again, shamu!
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Brandon & Sara said...

Cute pics Kiki! Looks like you guys had fun! And look at you guys in your short sleeved shirts with the warm weather! I still remember going to sea world when I was about 10 yrs old and we sat right in front and we were the ones soaked from head to toe!