Wednesday, January 2, 2008

story one!

So not even on the first airplane heading to San Diego and we have our first memorable story. Let me set the scene. We got to the airport with just enough time to spare and found out our plane is an hour late (isn't that why we showed up to the airport late in the first skip the waiting part!) So Beej waited with us and we let the boys run around for awhile, so as we are waiting, there came two men checking in at another airline and they are Indian men wearing turbans. I didn't think anything of it until I heard Booker yelling at me from a good 25 feet away (and there was no one else around so it was really loud!) "Look mom," he says, "Pirates!!" We couldn't get him over to us fast enough..while he was still so excitedly exclaiming "Pirates, arrrrrr matey!", we are yelling "Booker" while shaking our heads as vigorously as possible as to make sure our Indian friends saw that we did not agree with what our 3 year old son was saying. We so hope he didn't offend anyone..but we will have to be on our best look out at all times to try and dispel potentially VERY embarrassing moments BEFORE they happen! Maybe that means we will have to see with a 3 year olds eye!! Could be a very interesting exercise!:)
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Annie said...

Pirates, ARrrrrggghhhh...that is so funny! I can totally picture it too-makes me laugh. I'm sure he didn't offend anyone. Pirates are totally cool-I'm sure they were flattered if anything. So funny!

Nate and Jessica said...

You know I am in love with this story. I am going to have to pass it on to some family members who will enjoy it. May there be many more 3 year old moments to come!!!

Cara said...