Thursday, January 10, 2008

story two

One day while in San Diego, we took an afternoon to go to a fantastic artsy place called Balboa Park. It has amazing old buildings that have all been turned into museums, but also have the street performers as well. While there we saw magicians, jugglers, musicians..etc. At the end of our trip the kids all played around a huge fountain they have there and this is where our story takes place. All of kids just ran around, but I could tell something was up with Booker. He kept laying down and putting his whole arm in the water....and noticed he was the only one doing this so Beej went over to investigate and what he found was so cute. Booker was so excited because there was free treasure in the water! Beej asked to see it and Booker pulled out a bunch of change...for you see, this was also used as a wish pond. Apparently a few of those wishes will not be coming true!:) He was so proud of himself!

He's got his eye on the prize..


Look, mom...


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