Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crazy 8's

Cute little Jami tagged me so here goes these crazy 8's: CAUTION, kara..this may be too many words to read..haha!:)

*Eight things I'm passionate about:
1.Living life to be happy by my standards
2.Paper anything (see below)
3.My children and their opportunities
4.Having an opinion when it really matters
5.My husband and being his cheerleader
6.Creating, creating, creating
7.The Gospel of Jesus Christ
8.Finding small ways to make people smile.

*Eight things I want to do before I die
1.Write and illustrate a children's book (multiple would be fabulous, but I will start with just one!)
2.I always WANTED to run a marathon...until I finished my first half-marathon..and the idea of this being the half way point threw the idea of a marathon completely out the window, however something physically challenging is still a goal..just haven't found something that makes my heart skip!
3.Go back to school and get a masters degree in something I can use AND make money at!:)
4.Own a paper store (I even told my husband that as long as I had a room in my house that looked like a paper store, and was always stocked, this may satisfy actually "owning" a store!)
6.SEE me and my family leave a mark for good in the world
7.See my children parent and be there as a support
8.Learn to organize to a T! (sooner rather than later!)

*Eight things I say often:
1. Totally..(annoying)
2. One...Two...if I say three...
3. Booker, why did I put you in the corner?(most of the time to remind me why i put him there in the first place..very bad parenting skill!):)
4. I love you.
5. Fantastic.
6. What song would you like to sing?
7. What do you feel like for dinner? hate this question because the response is usually..i don't care...and yet i ask over and over and over....
8. Things will all work out..

*Eight books I have read recently:
1.hmmmm..other than any book that has 5 or less words per page, there hasn't been too much time, so lets change this more books/magazines I can't wait to read!!!:
1.Pride and Prejudice (started)
2.Better Homes and Gardens
3.Martha Stewart
5.Reader's Digest
6.any crafting..paper, stamps, cards, projects of any kind magazine or book!
7.browsed pottery barn & jcrew mags at same time..came up with many fantastic ideas for the homestead!
8.Family Fun magazine..a must have!:) thanks, anne!
I find reading to be one of my most favored activities, however because of lack of time, I also find it very annoying to start reading a book and then put it down for weeks at a time, then pick it up again, thus why so many magazines on my list...I can pick one up, read a quick story/article and finish it!:) I really do have other actual books on my "to read" list.

*Eight songs I could listen to over and over: there is no way in my life I could pick only here are 8 of my favs...
1. Divide Me...Kalai
2. Come Thou Font of Every Blessing
3. Everything or Lost....Michael Buble
4. I'm Yours...Jason Mraz
5.Find Out Who Your Friends Are..Tracy Lawrence, Tim McGraw &Kenny Chesney
6.I Got A Feelin'..Billy Currington
7. Hate That I Love You...Rihanna and Neyo
8. Move It..Madagascar soundtrack..(I love seeing my boys love this song!)

*Eight things I have learned this past year:
1. My family continues to be my refuge in life.
2. I couldn't live without my dear friends.
3. Don't put your thumb under a knife when cutting lettuce. yuck.
4. Hot glue is the bomb.
5. My husband is incredible in every way.
6. Potty training has been the least desirable parenting task in the first 3 years of parenting. by far.
7. My children make great playmates, help me not feel lonely, and have helped me hone the skill of patience. i love them dearly, really.
8. I have A LOT to work on.

Eight lucky friends who get to do the "Crazy 8's"!!
1-8: if you read this through and you haven't done so already...YOU!:)


Nate and Jessica said...

Why are these things so dang entertaining to read? I never knew about the paper store...well, I didn't know about a couple things. So fun to read!

Landon & Kara said...

Um, I'll have you know, I read every last word!

cheeks said...

hey hope you're having a GREAT trip! I'm jealous! Missed your smiling face at church today! --jami a.--

Anne Woods said...

fun to learn more. what happened with the lettuce and knife? Hope you're having fun. We miss you.

Brian, Jami, Paige, and Austin said...

I loved it!! I'm so glad I was able to find out more about you. I especially loved the things you say most often! ;0) I can relate! ;0)