Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here is your picture megan...its as still as i could get them!:) They love their stuff...I will get a pic with their animals soon! I love when you try to take a pic of your kids and I thought the best way I could get them to be still is to lay, however, there is always a competition with these two..Lincoln won this bout!

I couldn't resist to take this picture. Lately, Lincoln has only liked to go to bed if he has his favorite thing of the moment..Apparently that happened to be Pablo and the sword this cute!:)
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Anne Woods said...

i am so sad i missed this drawing. can you do it again? I haven't won a contest lately.... :) Loved the m&m's characters, what a crack up.

Megan Melver said...

I love it. thanks kik.

Noelle said...

This is so cute--sleeping with his sword--he probably had quite adventurous dreams!