Sunday, March 30, 2008

story time.

nighttime at our house lately has consisted of one very sought after activity, storytime. not by me, but by bj. before bed every night, booker asks, "dad, can you tell us a story?" the other night it was all about a snake that got tired. bj kept asking booker what happened to the snake and he would reply, "did the boy eat him?" "no", would be the reply, "he...." and he would fill in the blank about something funny the boy did with the snake. finally the snake ended up on the roof of his house so the little boy couldn't play with him anymore because the snake was too tired. with this in mind, i was somewhere that night, so i hadn't heard the story, and the next morning booker woke up with a lot of questions about the snake. i didn't have a clue what he was talking about until bj got home and told me about story time. it made for quite the conversation with booker. well tonight, i experienced storytime for the first time. this picture captured the experience quite well. the elephant, ernie, had just been woken up in the middle of the night by moto, the monkey. each time ernie went to sleep, the boys would put their heads on bj and sleep and await the crazy noise, then they'd scream and laugh and jump. it was so fun to see these three interact. they have such a great time together. it makes me so happy to see kids and their dads laugh together. it made for a great family moment. it makes me giddy just to think about what the next adventure will be. easily entertained, i know!
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Friday, March 28, 2008

booker and his umbrella

there was a day about 6 weeks ago that steven, one of booker's friends, came to our house with an umbrella, and booker was hooked. he watched curiously as steven got to put his umbrella up when he left, and down when he came inside. from that time on, every day a series of about 87 sometimes 94 questions are asked, all about umbrellas. i thought i would stop this line of questioning by telling booker i would find him an umbrella once the rainy season was over, so they would be on sale. this only made it worse. much worse. now the questions were not just, "why do you need an umbrella in the rain?", but were changed to "is the rainy season over mom?", "when do you think the rainy season will be over, mom?", and "can you make the rainy season be over now, mom, so i can get an umbrella!" everything was umbrella this and umbrella that. i made a special request of the easter bunny this year that he bring booker his umbrella before the rainy season was over just to save some sanity. luckily he delivered. on sunday, after he had played with it for a bit, we told him we were going to put his umbrella up until it rained. so yesterday, booker looked out the window just as we were leaving for school, and shouted, "i need my umbrella! it's raining so hard and i will get wet!" the umbrella came out, and made one boy very, very, very happy, and made his brother start the cycle over, when after booker left for school and lincoln got out in the rain, he started yelling, "raining! brella!raining! brella!" maybe the easter bunny will have to make a quick stop BACK at out house!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

the magical easter bunny came

we had such a great easter! last night booker and i got ready for the easter bunny to come by leaving out carrots and booker wrote a note. he was so excited it was really hard for him to go to sleep! he stood by his window for so long waiting and waiting for the "magic easter bunny", or so he told his dad! this morning, very bright and early, booker was up and in our room. "did the easter bunny come, mom?" i told him i hadn't been downstairs yet, so i didn't know, but asked if he thought he came. "oh yes, mom, it has been soooooooooo magical!" what a statement for 6:30 in the morning!:) we had a great morning, a great day at church,and a great night with friends. we couldn't have asked for a better easter day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

a quick easter project

i was really excited this year when i saw a project that decorated plastic easter eggs and put them in a box, so i thought i'd give it a quick try, on a smaller scale. i didn't have too much time to put this together, but was happy with the way it turned out in such a short amount of time!

i decorated a box by painting it, putting rub-ons and plastic letters on it and then simply measured a square out to figure out how many eggs i would need. I used a circle punch to punch out circles where the eggs would rest, then...
decorated the eggs, filled them, put the lid on and tied with a bow!

it was just as fun to put together as i imagined it would be!
happy easter!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

happy birthday, jess!

There are mornings I wake up and everything feels just right. My alarm clock says 7:30, my kids are still sleeping, my husband hasn't left for school yet, the covers are just warm enough, the sun is just coming up and life feels good. I feel lucky to have any of those days. Most mornings though, my clock says 5:45, my kids are up, the covers are too hot and its pitch black out. And these mornings, although regular, don't bother me too much either, for one reason, I have friends like her. When we are together I realize that she has also had bad nights, great nights, early mornings, sleep in mornings (not too often), bad days, good days, frustrating times, and patient times, and 99% of the time has a smile plastered all over her cute face...and that makes me want to have a smile plastered all over my face as well. She is one of those friends that has it all together, and won't admit it. She thinks of others before herself, everytime, not just sometimes. She is so thoughtful and dutiful to her parenting, reading and studying about how others have done it well, then asks for your opinion, even when she already does it great herself. She's honest and kind and understanding and faithfilled and service-minded and funny and crazy all in one. It's friends like her that make me want to be a different and better person everyday. She really is all that and more. and only 26. Luckily, she is one of my closest friends whom I love and adore and feel lucky that I get to see her life in action often. Happy Birthday, Jessica! If you don't know her, just be jealous of me and read more about her here!:)

Monday, March 17, 2008

the last snow pics.

while looking through our pictures of the boys playing in the snow, i realized i hadn't posted my favorite ones.
this was a lucky shot just moments before booker was plastered by a big snowball thrown by his dad! look how cute that face is!

this one i love for two reasons. first because it is just the sweetest picture of bj and lincoln, but second, do you see booker behind bj? two seconds after i took this booker grabbed a huge amount of snow and came and smashed it on bj's neck..i haven't laughed that hard in awhile!

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getting the season started...

Saturday we went to a friends home and started off our Easter week by coloring Easter eggs. The boys were both so excited to do this. Suprisingly, Lincoln was the most into it, however as you will see in this first picture, he was ONLY into the color green! We had such a fun time and went home with beautiful eggs and green monster hands! Thanks Landon and Kara!:)
do you see this..he has 2 buckets going...2 eggs in one, one in the other..all GREEN!

so excited about this egg thing!

look at what i did!:)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

our last few days

our last few days we have been busy being happy. i finally found something that the boys will play with TOGETHER. (well, for at least 3 minutes at a time!) both of them are OBSESSED with letters right the first thing booker says to me in the morning is, "mom, can we go watch the word factory, puh-leeeeeeeeease!"...everyday its the same, however..booker is getting pretty darn good at sounding out words and lincoln is fluent in the alphabet..every letter!:) this makes me happy.

on saturday, beej and i were upstairs talking and all of a sudden lincoln let out this crazy scream like he was hurt. we barrelled down the stairs to find this:

while trying to take off his pajamas, he got stuck and couldn't get it over his head! by the time i got the camera he thought it was pretty funny.

this morning i walked into our room and found lincoln trying on his daddy's shoes. when i asked him what he was doing he replied,"shoes, shoes, walk." i think a walk would've taken quite a long time in those shoes! he was pretty proud of himself.:)

i'm loving the spring like weather the past few days...maybe we will take a walk today..just not in those shoes!:)
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Monday, March 10, 2008

a few projects.

With the blizzard and snow craze going on around here...I'm feeling a little spring envy. Because church was cancelled yesterday, we had a nice full day to fill, so the boys and I made butterflies and wished for spring to come really quickly.

fun little paper flowers....very easy to make. a little time consuming on the folding and gluing, but worth it, i think! my sister gave me the idea for the initial flower, i just tweaked it a bit. her instructions are here. i am looking forward to making some different paper flowers to add to my bouquet!
got my inspiration for this project here. i didn't have the chipboard butterflies, but had some pressed cardboard, so i drew out the butterflies and cut them out and decorated them. letters were just random ones i had in my stash.
dear spring,
we are ready for you. please come quickly.
love, the comins.
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

snow much fun!

While Beej and I shoveled out our snow tonight......

the boys were in heaven doing this...

Cute little red cheeks.

and helping out so much!

He is showing us the moon here.."moooooooooon", he said.
Excited for sunshine...mmmm, or above freezing weather!
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when it snows....

When it snows in March, it dumps.

Beej doing what he loves best, digging us out again. A really fun thing to do in the slightly cold weather.

Looking forward to some fun crafty projects with the kids, some sugar cookie decorating, hot chocolate, and really anything to help them from going crazy in the least until the wind dies down when we can do some MAJOR sledding!:) happy saturday!
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Friday, March 7, 2008

i am thankful for...

finnley kate
i am thankful for miracles, in all their forms. this miracle happens to be in the form of a baby. this is sweet little Finnley Kate Messer, born 12 days ago. after all her family, and thus our family has gone through in this last week, i wanted to at least document some of my thoughts and feelings about miracles. though we don't know just how long little Finnley will be with us here on earth, she is proof of a loving Heavenly Father and his sweet tender mercies he extends to each of us. i don't know if there is anything sweeter in life than the miracle of birth and the blessing of getting to know a baby, and when things aren't normal circumstances, you tend to look for the blessings that these miracles bring and how blessed is every second you get to be with them. i feel like i have been abundantly blessed in my life with my husband and children and that i have appreciated them, and yet, even in the last week, since Finnley has been here on Earth, i have looked at my little boys and enjoyed and appreciated every movement, every cry, every laugh, every hug, because i get to be here to see them do them. this week i have taken some time to study more about miracles and one thing i learned is that miracles "are wonders, marvels, because of the effect produced on those who saw them." in all circumstances, many would look at little Finnley and be angry at her "destiny" here on earth, but there has never been a little life which has affected me more in which i can remember. her little life, in and of itself, has been one of those miracles which as been a "wonder", a "marvel" because of the sweet changes of perspective i have taken over the last week. her life has bolstered my faith in our Heavenly Father's plan and has had me on my knees thanking Him for the sweet and numerous miracles he allows me to see. her life has truly been a blessing to me.

Monday, March 3, 2008

some funny booker stories..

Today while taking a walk in the beautiful weather, I told the boys we would have to hurry home before it started raining. We had just felt a few drops, when I looked over and heard Booker saying, "Attention, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.....NOAH, Get the boat moving!" Apparently he thought the rain storm would be quite a bit more than just a sprinkle!

Tonight in family home evening, we talked about the resurrection, and Booker asked if he could go and see Jesus again. BJ nicely told him that we would get to see him "someday" because he died for us. After the closing prayer, Booker again asked if we would see Jesus when we were resurrected.....and then before we could answer him again, he said, "Oh yeah, we get to see Jesus on Wednesday!"...I think he thought "someday" was an official day of the week! So cute!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


remember, before you go to bed....

don't forget to tuck each and every animal in to bed first.

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